Women sleep better with their dog than with their partner!

Do woman Women sleep better with their dog , So Who says sleeping as a couple, says sweet moments of tenderness to fall asleep lovingly in the comfortable arms of the loved one… Or not.

In reality, between snoring , tugging of the sheets, accidental kicks and hot flashes, there are many inconveniences when you sleep as a couple . If you tend to wake up more tired than you were the night before, it could be your partner’s fault! 

Girls, do you have trouble sleeping with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Try sleeping with your dog instead . You may wake up better rested in the early morning, according to a recent study.  

Women sleep better with their dog than with their partner!
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In light of the findings, it appears that women tend to sleep better when napping with their dog  rather than a human.

Of the 962 women surveyed, 55% said they shared their bed with at least one dog, while 31% slept with one or more cats. Of all these women, 57% also slept with a partner. Respondents were then asked to complete a questionnaire about their feeling of security during the night, in addition to being asked about how their partner affects the quality of their sleep.

Analyzing the results, the researchers found that cats and humans were more disturbing, while dogs were less likely to disturb the rest of the women surveyed .

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Do woman Women sleep better with their dog-Sarandy Westfall/Unsplash

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Dog mom versus cat lady

Sorry to upset cat addicts , but it seems that having a dog is really more relaxing… at least, at night!

We explain the difference between cats and dogs by the fact that the latter are less independent when it comes time to go out to relieve themselves, and are therefore more in symbiosis with the sleep cycle of their masters. 

In addition, pitous owners tend to get up earlier to take care of them. Dogs  therefore have a stricter sleep routine to adhere to, and therefore have less reason to disturb us during the night…unlike felines, who are more likely to sleep the rest of the day.

Do woman Women sleep better with their dog- Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Do woman Women sleep better with their dog-: The dog is safer

Women would also feel more secure when they sleep with a dog because they know that the animal will react to the slightest alert, while cats are not very effective alarm systems. …

But why are dogs more soothing nap partners than a human partner, with whom we share our lives? The answer may lie in a previous study, which showed that most people who sleep with dogs have better sleep quality, regardless of gender.

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