White pants: Don’t be in a hurry to put them aside – They will be a must in the fall as well

White pants: There are some clothes that we describe as classic and usually anything that has a white color is in them. 

White shirt, white dress, white t-shirt. For some strange reason the white pants are not included in them. Or at least it wasn’t on this list of non season essentials until a few seasons ago. 

This has thankfully changed with white bottoms in general – aka skirts or trousers – finally taking the place they deserve. 

The only thing that plays from season to season is of course the different materials, which come to adapt to the conditions and temperatures of each month.

And having said the first identifiers, let’s move on to our main topic which is the white pants. The essential that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to leave at the back of your wardrobe, because quite simply it will be the must-have pants of autumn as well. 

I know you are not yet psychologically ready to hear the word autumn, but like true fashion insiders you understand that now is the time to build our autumn wardrobe. 

Well, white pants will once again be among your favorite items. On the one hand, because the weather in Greece remains very good during September, and on the other hand, because a pair of white pants will become the passe par tout of the month.


There are plenty of designs in summer’s white pants, with cargo and lightweight linens topping our summer pick. Next are cotton fabrics and jeans, which are somewhat warmer. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week that wrapped up last week gave us the first inspo for the city’s fall ensembles. And the white pants were the star.


Mix and match will become even more creative, even more relevant, even more fun. The following sets are our favorites for a back to reality fall universe.

7 outfits to wear on the first days back in the city:

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