What are the sneakers you will see everywhere this summer?

Slim sneakers will continue to preoccupy us in the summer.

The cult of sneakers is a germ that millennials have been hiding inside us since the 90s and 00s and after being on the sidelines for a few years.

They took the lead again when street style elements entered the collections of luxury fashion houses. 

Athleisure style became cool again, but in a completely different way than back then. Sneakers are no longer the privilege of the young, but you can see them on anyone and anywhere. 

From the morning office look, to an evening outfit with a dress.


So sneaker trends are one of the most important parts of our wardrobe. As early as 2022 we saw Adidas’ retro inspired designs coming to the fore again. All those leather pairs, with the signature stripes on the side, the thin white laces and the colors. From the Gazelle to the Samba , all these sneaker designs continue to sell out repeatedly with fashion lovers chasing them in physical and online stores.

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Slim sneakers: The most current trend with a retro mood.

It is the favorite pair of the models and they wear it on repeat in their off duty appearances. They’re the sneakers you see everywhere on Instagram, and no, they don’t necessarily belong to the Adidas family. We are talking about slim sneakers , i.e. “elegant sports”, all those designs that have an elegant design and can be combined with all your summer clothes. From shorts and minis, to dresses and wide leg pants.

Most of them have a retro-inspired aesthetic, with vintage-like details, such as stripes, beige soles, suede pieces and motifs from the 70s and 80s, that is, the time when we saw the first sneakers in modern trends clothing. Slim sneakers are the trend you should adopt now, because it is not another simple purchase, but a real investment, since this particular hero piece will occupy us for many seasons to come.

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