These are the best pedicures to show off your feet

These are the nail arts that will make your feet look clean and well-groomed.

These are the best pedicures, and nail arts that will make your feet look clean and well-groomed.

Summer marks the beginning of sandals season! The time has come to put aside the loafers and chunky boots that kept us company during the cold winter days, and welcome our favorite sandals. 

The comfort, ease and coolness that they give us during the day cannot be compared to any other shoe.

It may be that in the winter months, foot care is not one of our priorities, but in the summer neat feet are the A and Z of our appearance. 

Aside from being important for hygiene, well-groomed feet will show off that new pair of Birkenstocks we got and accentuate our tan even more.

It’s time for a pedicure…

When we talk about foot care, apart from heels and knees, we are referring to our toenails . The pedicure is the treatment that comes to be added to our beauty routine. Bright colors come to fill our summer looks with optimism , to cheer us up and show off our favorite sandals, which we can’t get enough of wearing in the streets of the island in the summer.

French manicure, white and red are some of the classic and timeless options, but maybe it’s time to take the pedicure a touch more?
Even you who are a lover of minimal and like neutral shades in your appearance, the playful designs in your pedicure will be a beautiful touch that will make a difference to your whole look.

Are you ready to take notes?

All Things ’90s

best pedicures

Do you like bright colors and playful designs? This is a creative way to incorporate them into your look.

Lucky nails

best pedicures

Eyelets are one of our favorite choices on the nails. This is the most beautiful and discreet way to choose them in your nail arts.

Cute flowers

best pedicures

If you don’t decorate your feet with little flowers this season, then when will you?

The “Gemini” Pedi

best pedicures

Since we have entered the month of the twins, the pedicure with double colors is the must of this season.


best pedicures

Strawberries, lemons, watermelons, all summer fruits come to decorate our pedicure this summer.

50 shades of pink

best pedicures

Pink is the color of the year! You can also adopt the barbiecore trend on your nails…

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