The top 5 autumn knitwear trends you need to know

With the first cold we find the opportunity to put on our knitwear.

The morning and evening chill that we have finally felt in the last few days, apart from being extremely comforting for most, also brings with it an air of renewal. 

Because now that you know that summer is over for good, you want to get into the fall mood as quickly as possible and start the autumn outfits. And you’re not the only one. So it’s time to talk about the first knitwear of the season, the ones we’ll put in our bag in the morning and throw over our shoulders at night.


In recent years, knitwear has competed with the biggest trends and is always at the top of our wish list, since a new sweater or knitwear in any form is a must-buy for every woman. They’re soft, they’re cozy, they’re comfortable, they’re cool, what more could you ask for? The first knitwear trends of 2023 follow, to give you a head start on October’s fall wardrobe.


The 5 trends in autumn knitwear:

Pale grey : Gray is a color that will dominate the knitwear of the season and the truth is that we are talking about the absolute basic. A simple gray knit, in any shade of your palette, with a high neck and soft texture will become your new favorite.


Cardigan : Get a cardigan! A nice knitted cardigan , in 90s style with buttons and some special knitting or fluffy texture. Perfectly combined with dresses and skirts for the ideal French girl style in autumn.


All over: Here we are talking about a knitted set, either with trousers, or with a skirt, or a knitted dress and a matching cardigan. You can also find fantastic 3-piece sets, with pants or skirt, top and matching cardigan, in some of the most sought-after designer brands. Go for it!


Perforated : These are the light knits with open knitting or actual holes, which are ideal for this season, mainly because they are not suitable for very cold weather, when we will look for the warmth of our wool sweater.


Kazakh : It’s the perfect preppy item and you’ll already have it in your wardrobe from last year. With a short-sleeved t-shirt or a shirt it can take you everywhere.


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