The top 5 autumn accessories that stood out in street style

They can transform even the simplest ensemble.

Iwill say it and say it again until we finally start appreciating them as they deserve. Accessories are a key element of our wardrobe. 

This is precisely where the whole essence of the difference of the famous debate that you now see everywhere on social media, wearing vs styling , is hidden . Accessories will help you make a look look complete even with the simplest addition.

autumn accessories

And this year’s street style is the truth that has given us all the inspiration we need to revisit our accessories and make the necessary additions to our collection.

The 5 accessories that stood out in street style.

Statement socks : Finally stop being in denial and put socks , colorful or even monochromatic, in your life. If you take a look at this fall’s street style looks, you’ll find that socks are everywhere, whether it’s the short designs up to the ankle, or the socks up to the knee.

autumn accessories

Fluffy bag: You have seen it in your feed for years, since many big houses have put the playful fluffy materials in their manufacturing palette. In addition to faux fur, which you either love or hate, there are also materials with a soft, cozy texture that go perfectly with our shoulder bags.

autumn accessories

Flowers: Fabric flowers are back in fashion, in a different way than we used them in the 00s. They became a part of chic and now we use them as a necklace, as a belt and on our favorite pins.

autumn accessories
autumn accessories : tie women

Colorful tights : Another accessory that we didn’t think would make a comeback and somehow reminds us of our childhood. However, colorful tights are cool and you know it. And they go perfectly with high heel Mary Janes. Remember this.

autumn accessories

Tie : We saw it on the catwalks of Valentino and Louis Vuitton and it is one of the 80s accessories that this year will bring an androgynous tone to the ensembles of the season. Don’t be afraid to play with balance.

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autumn accessories

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