The top 3 fashion trends of TikTok that you will see everywhere in the spring of 2023

Because the trends of the season run not only on the catwalks, fashion trends of TikTok are here to help get into the fashion season

Remember when fashion shows and designer suggestions were the most important part of predicting the season’s trends ? 

In recent years, as you will have understood, this has changed somewhat due to the presence of social media and especially Tik Tok , where the word trend is more than important mainly because it includes the concept of community. 

A trend is not only about what you wear, but also about who you are and how you actually live. So, we are talking about a universe, an entire life style.

In this way, the well-known platform has also highlighted the top trends for the spring of 2023, always regarding the world of fashion. 

A scroll will immediately make you get a quick vibe and discover with us the three top trends, which you will see all around you next month.

The top 3 Tik Tok fashion trends worth trying now.

Dopamine dressing: 

The top 3 fashion trends of TikTok-dopaminefashion

Our psychology is one of the most important pieces in our style as well. This is now clear, since fashion in general is about self-expression and individual creativity. 

Dopamine dressing is about exactly that. In other words, wearing all those items that lift our mood and make us feel good. Bright colors, soft fabrics, cute accessories and girly details make your day a little more beautiful.


Blokecore: In general street culture is the most current not only at this moment, but for several years. 

So a corresponding trend in the way we dress is more than expected. Baggy denim pants, motomami jackets, sports team tops and Y2K attitude are enough to follow this trend.


Vanilla girl: 

After such an edgy style, it’s time to talk about a soft and elegant trend such as the vanilla girl. Here things are simple with the off-white color of vanilla entering our wardrobe. 

A total off white look is all you need for the coming spring and can be combined with a matching vanilla scent. Why not;


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