The royal family would have preferred that these photos not make the rounds of the Web

In recent years, the British royal family has been the subject of intense media scrutiny, with every move they make closely followed by the press and the public. Despite their best efforts to maintain a sense of privacy, photos of the royals often find their way onto the internet, much to the family’s dismay.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most controversial and embarrassing photos of the royal family that have made their way onto the web, much to the family’s chagrin. From leaked holiday snaps to candid shots taken by paparazzi, we’ll examine the impact that these images have had on the public perception of the royals.

We’ll also delve into the measures that the royal family has taken to try and control the circulation of these images, including legal action and public statements. Finally, we’ll consider the wider implications of these photos and their impact on the relationship between the royal family and the media.

Overall, this blog post will offer a fascinating insight into the complex relationship between the royal family and the internet, and the challenges that they face in maintaining their privacy and public image in the digital age.

Label problem

Meghan Markle is one of the most talked about women in the world, and she is always in the limelight when she appears in public. People watch what she wears closely, so they notice right away when something is wrong. And on that day, when she and the prince arrived in Tonga in 2018, there was something.

The royal forgot to remove the tags from her new Self Portrait dress. Surely she chose the bright red number to match both the country’s flag and the carpet. But as beautiful as it is, the (insanely high) price tag kept us a bit distracted as it was flying in the wind.


Always with elegance

One of the most important things about being a female royal and showing up in public is being able to carry yourself gracefully in all situations, even when an unrelated event of our will occurs. And that’s exactly what Princess Mary of Denmark did when the heel of her court shoe got stuck in a crack in the sidewalk during one of the events she was attending.

The princess simply slid her foot out of her shoe, gracefully bent down to pick it up, and asked one of her men to help her put it back on. Then she resumed the course of her day as if nothing had happened. That’s one way to handle a sticky situation, princess!


In the land of the wind

If that doesn’t sound like a scene straight out of an action movie starring Tom Cruise as the main character, tell us what is. Unfortunately for the Duchess, the moment was all too real when the skirt of her yellow Jenny Packham dress decided to fly in front of these Canadian Air Force soldiers.

The latter probably didn’t see any inconvenience, but we must admit that it is quite painful to have to hold on to your dress during a windy day. Next time, the Duchess might opt ​​for a pencil skirt or something that stays in place a little better. And then, at least, her hair was beautiful!


Never without her hat

The Queen is arguably one of the most prepared women in the world, no matter the situation. She always looks well dressed wherever she goes. But of course, she is also human and things can happen to her that are impossible to avoid.

Take the example of that day in 1979, when the wind decided to lift its hat and try to carry it away in a mad race. Luckily, the queen managed to catch it before it flew completely out of her head. Who would have thought she had such reflexes?


A day without

That night, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of King Constantine of Greece, the queen encountered a few minor problems with her wardrobe, although none of them were her fault. First, someone spilled coffee on her. Yes, someone spilled coffee on the queen!

But she got up, defying the paparazzi, and continued on her way, ready to keep up appearances. But on her way, the chain of her purse broke! Needless to say, it wasn’t his night. But the queen took matters into her own hands and swept aside these unforeseen events with the back of her hand.



It must not be easy to always walk around in heels and a dress regardless of the public appearance in question. But members of the royal family make it seem like a natural thing. Most of the time, anyway.

But there are other moments, like the one in the photo above, where for example Queen Sophie of Spain finds herself face to face with the ground after tripping over the bottom of her dress. But as any member of the royal family would, she got up, readjusted her dress and continued with her evening.


Completely stuck

Women in the royal family must have massive calluses on their feet from wearing heels everywhere they go. And besides being uncomfortable, they can also cause accidents, like when this Duchess’s heel got stuck in that hole.

The mishap happened during the grand opening of the non-profit rehab treatment center. Luckily for Kate, Prince Charming rushed to her rescue and helped her get things back on track before things got out of hand and she fell.


Full nude look

Princess Beatrice unfortunately showed a little more of herself than she would have liked at a V&A party in 2017, which she co-hosted with her sister Eugenie. She wore a Self-Portrait brand lace black dress with a nude lining underneath, which unwittingly came up and exposed her underwear, also nude in color.

This brand is quite popular with women of the royal family. Maybe they could do something to hook the lining to the lace a bit more to avoid this kind of little problem. That being said, the princess still looked lovely in this lace outfit.


Intentional fault?

The former Duchess of Sussex gave the cameras more than she would have liked (although they were more than delighted) as she and the prince left a good friend’s wedding in Frensham, North Surrey. The Duchess was also celebrating her 37th birthday, and the crowd broke into singing to wish her a happy birthday.

When she noticed, she tugged on her navy dress and acted like nothing had happened. This mistake, like other royal family wardrobe mistakes, has sparked speculation that these situations were intentional on the part of the family. Because if it was a mistake, this one was rather daring. Not very feminine, but it could have been worse.


pinup moment

Kate Middleton found herself in the situation of Marilyn Monroe when her Emilia Wickstead dress blew away in a gust of wind in front of a crowd of people. The moment happened at the National War Memorial in India.

The Duchess struggled against the wind for most of the royal tour and was seen trying to hold her dress in place, unsuccessfully of course! Luckily, she kept her cool and simply held her dress back whenever she tried to escape.



While most of the wardrobe mistakes on this list can’t be blamed on the princess, the same can’t be said for this one. During a stay in Birmingham with the Prince in 2018, the Duchess wore a new tailored J. Crew coat that looks a bit… stiff.

And that’s because she didn’t remove the X-seam that holds the bottom of the coat to hold the vent before selling it. She’s actually supposed to take it off before she wears it. Although fashionistas might have noticed the faux pas, it didn’t seem to bother the crowd, who ended up buying so many coats that J. Crew ran out of stock.


Gender equality

After all the times the wind has lashed out at female royals and exposed them to prying eyes and camera lenses, it’s only fair that it happens to men too. And it is Prince William who will pay the price.

The prince saw his tailcoat blowing in the wind as he bent down to help move this floral arrangement. The combination of wind and awkward posing made the photo look unflattering. But at least, unlike women in skirts or dresses, the prince did not risk exposing himself.


Another gust of wind

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is known for her big heart. She is patron of several non-profit organizations including Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Trinity Hospice and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers. But she is also known for her fashion sense.

It was still the case that day, but the wind got the better of her and caused the skirt of her dress to rise during this public appearance. To top it off, his hat tried to fly off his head. But, like most members of the royal family, the Duchess kept her composure, held on to her clothes and kept on going.


Transparency problem

Here’s another one of those “little worries” that in all likelihood was done on purpose. It would be very difficult not to notice that the top of her skirt is entirely transparent. Didn’t she look in a mirror before leaving the house?

And one of her employees couldn’t tell her that her underwear was showing before she left? And then there’s the fact that the underwear in question matches her skirt. Either way, the Givenchy outfit looks great on her, but there’s no way she didn’t know she was see-through.


bad timing

Kate isn’t used to showing off her long legs so much, and she wasn’t planning on that day either, but the weather had other plans in mind. A supporter handed her this bouquet just as it happened.

Otherwise, the Duchess probably could have grabbed her dress before the wind blew it up, exposing her thighs to the cameras (and the merry goons behind her). This misadventure took place in 2013, so she has much more experience today to save herself from these embarrassing moments.


save face

As the majority of royals on this list are women, it’s nice to see that these things can happen to the crowned men of England too. Kate Middleton laughs here with Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Princess Camilla helps him untangle his gloves. Truth be told, the prince doesn’t seem too bothered by the situation. In fact, he even seems to laugh a little about it. At least the whole family ended up working things out.


A real pro

Kate has definitely become an ace at fixing her outfit before anyone notices there’s a problem. The cameras thus filmed her sewing up her dress after the knot in the front began to come undone.

Fortunately, this bow was only decorative in her outfit, and not functional, so the Duchess never risked being exposed to the lenses of all these cameras. Prevention is better than cure, Duchess!



Meghan Markle probably didn’t think she was dragging the bottom of her wide-leg Burberry wool trousers on the floor when she decided to wear them, but she’ll need to have them fitted if she plans to wear them again. The fact that the floor was wet from the rain didn’t help either, the item of clothing was visibly dirty.

Can you imagine the result if she had worn flats? You would think that royals try on their outfits and have someone inspect them before stepping out of the house. It’s not like they can’t afford to have personal tailors waiting for them whenever needed.


Size problem

Seeing the Duchess at a sporting event, like this basketball game in 2016, is rarer than seeing her in a dress and pumps. Here we have the opportunity to see her dressed in a casual outfit, which is not something that happens very often. Of course, royal casual attire still involves being well-dressed, but here she is seen wearing “simple” jeans and a t-shirt with a cute jacket.

Unfortunately, the Duchess couldn’t get her jeans to fit, and apparently she didn’t think of putting on a belt while getting dressed. So she spent a rather uncomfortable afternoon adjusting and readjusting her pants. It’s a shame that on the one day she can dress casual, she has to deal with a bad haircut problem.


A story of shoes

It looks like it’s not a racket hole here! When you like a pair of shoes very much and wear them constantly, you will inexorably cause holes in the sole due to wear and tear; hence that big mark on the bottom of the prince’s shoe.

There’s no way the Duchess could have known he was going to be wearing old shoes that day at their friend’s wedding, otherwise she would have had him put on a new pair. It’s understandable that he just wanted to be comfortable, but now he knows the soles of his feet can end up in the tabloids too.



Any woman who has worn heels for more than a few hours in her life knows the discomfort they can cause after being on your feet all day. This is why, at a wedding or an occasion where people end up dancing, women usually end up taking their shoes off at the end of the evening. Kate may not have made it to the dance floor, but her poor feet couldn’t stand being stuck in those pointy toe heels anymore.

So the Duchess did what any other woman on the planet would have done: she kicked off her shoes! But hey, not every other woman on the planet is royalty and chased by the paparazzi all day, so it’s debatable whether or not we would have taken them down in her situation.


Risks and challenges

Kate Middleton’s little sister, Pippa, was out for a fun afternoon watching games at Wimbledon, so of course she opted for a light colored miniskirt, just to match the ladies on the short.

But when their skirts fly away, players wear shorts underneath, which Pippa didn’t when a gust of wind lifted her skirt for the cameras. But their reflexes were no match for Pippa, who was able to grab and hold her just in time before the cameras flashed. Good game !


A man’s problem too

Wearing the kilt is a male tradition that dates back to the 1600s in Scotland and is carried on today, mainly in ceremonial and event settings. But there’s a reason a lot of men don’t walk around in these clothes: because of their flying side. When they are worn, it is up to the person to pay attention to how they move to avoid exposing themselves to the gaze of onlookers.

The late Duke of Edinburgh got so caught up in the excitement that he forgot to keep his legs in the right position. To anyone else, it might have seemed like a huge failure, but to Prince Phillip, it’s a win! It shows that he was brave enough to do things his way.


When the weather gets involved

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall was trying to protect her hair during a stormy day. But she didn’t have much trouble doing it, because she had an umbrella with her. Unfortunately, she struggled with the object for a few minutes. Two staff members had to help straighten him, but by then he had already brushed his hair.

Maybe next time the Duchess will opt for a poncho instead. Fortunately, it seems that it was not raining too hard at that time. But Camilla’s hair had already suffered the consequences of the bad weather…


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Nothing, it’s something

When you’re a celebrity turned royal, people think they can read your outfits; maybe a little too much sometimes. When Meghan wore this long, cream-coloured coat that tied around her waist, people thought, who knows why, that meant she was pregnant.

Why ? That’s an excellent question. The couple, however, revealed exciting news that day: Meghan Markle was going to marry the prince. But what does wearing a white coat have to do with pregnancy?


From all sides

Kate’s blow-dry in these photos is a testament to her recent visit to the hair salon, possibly to get her bangs cut. But she may also be blow-drying every day, just because she can afford it. But she had no idea that time would play against her later.

The Duchess simply couldn’t win; the wind was blowing in all directions over her new hairstyle. The Duchess tried her best to control it with her hand, but to no avail. Eventually, she threw in the towel and let it go where she wanted.


surprisingly familiar

People may think the royals have a red carpet rolled out for them everywhere they go in their $1,000 shoes, but judging by Meghan Markle’s muddy heel, that’s not the case.

Looks like she ducked into the grass walking around, like any of us could have done. And if that makes her very endearing, one wonders if she didn’t have an extra pair of shoes. Either way, we should all always have an extra pair of shoes.


Bare shoulders

Queen Rania of Jordan is known for her sense of style, among other things of course. She turns heads with almost every outfit she wears, but that night she got a little more attention than she expected. Her low-cut black dress kept sliding down more than it was supposed to.

The queen spent the night pulling the fabric up so as not to show too much skin. The Queen probably opted for a different style of dress for a while after that, one that didn’t take as much of her time and energy.


A small detail

Apparently, the Duchess was so excited to wear some of her new pieces of clothing that she even forgot to remove the tags. When Meghan Markle stepped out in that sleek pencil dress with her brown leather bag, she had no idea she was carrying a few unwanted details.

Look at the bottom of the purse. Yes, it’s the little bits of plastic they put on items to protect them from scratches before they’re sold to customers. Either the Duchess forgot to take them off or she didn’t know she had to.



At first glance, you’d think Kate was just wearing this purple blouse; and it is, but not the way the designer intended it to be worn. She found out later, like all of us, that the buttons were actually supposed to be in the back and the bow in the front.

And if this mistake could happen to the fashion-savvy Duchess, it can happen to anyone. Regardless of the confusion, she still wore her outfit very well until she discovered the meaning of the piece and returned it. Honestly, this look suits her just as well as the front knot.

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