The first 3D hotel in the world is being built in Texas and will transport you to the desert

Consisting of several large-scale 3D-printed buildings, the hotel will feature an infinity pool, spa and desert views.

High-tech 3D printers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they can be used to make everything from tools to toys. Several of the machines have even been used to make 3D printed food.

The first 3D hotel in the world will be located in Texas

This time the 3D printers are being used on a larger scale as it is soon to open just outside the desert town of Marfa, Texas, with construction set to begin next year. 

The hotel will be located on the grounds of El Cosmico, a nomadic hotel and campsite where guests spend the night in Indian and safari tents.

El Cosmico – The 3D Printed Hotel

Inspired by the surrounding desert landscape and space, the resort will be built by pioneering 3D printing company Icon, which is currently contracted by NASA to build homes on the Moon and Mars.

El Cosmico – The 3D Printed Hotel
El Cosmico – The 3D Printed Hotel

3D-printed house at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas!

Led by hotelier Liz Lambert, the project is a collaboration between Icon and world-renowned architecture firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). The hotel features organic curves, domes, arches and domes achieved through robotic 3D printing and specialized software. The project will expand the area of ​​El Cosmico from 21 hectares to 60 hectares.

The design is expected to resemble an igloo, a sand dune and a space station, forming an architectural ornament in the middle of the desert. ” It will be as if it was elevated directly from the sandy ground”, declared the architects of the pioneering project.

The resort will also include 3D houses ranging in size from 100 to 200 square meters. Icon’s CEO stated: “The unique architectural possibilities that 3D Printing technology offers us is just the beginning.”

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