The Crown Season 6: The best Queen’s Last Chapter

The Crown hit Netflix series about the British royal family is coming to an end soon. 

And this one should end in style, knowing that the next season will focus, in particular, on the beginning of the romance between William and Kate, a couple appreciated and emblematic of the Crown. 

The actors who will play the Prince and Princess of Wales were recently seen on the set of this final season 6 of The Crown … The resemblance is breathtaking.

The Crown: first glimpse of Kate and William in season 6

It is one of the most essential original creations stamped with the red N in the catalog of the streaming platform. Since the start of its broadcast in November 2016, each season of The Crown has been an event. 

For good reason, you have to wait one to two years to discover the rest of the story of the reign of Elizabeth II, between historical facts, political, family and romantic relationships, proprieties, secrets and scandals. 

In a context marked by the Queen’s disappearance on September 8, 2022, the national mourning that followed and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, season 5had (finally) landed on Netflix last November. 

The Crown: A romance that never ceases to fascinate the crowds

A highly anticipated new chapter, since it returned in particular to the various controversies surrounding the love trio formed by Diana Spencer , her husband Prince Charles and the latter’s lover, Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Fans are now eager to discover the final season 6, the filming of which is still continuing on the other side of the Channel.

And who says new shooting, says new actors who stick more to the time of the story. Season 6 taking place in the late 1990s and early 2000s, especially after the tragic death of Lady Di , it will, among other things, focus on the love story of Kate and William. 

First images of their performers in this last chapter of The Crown have finally appeared on the Web. What make us languish.

Who play Kate and William in season 6 of The Crown?

The Crown: first glimpse of Kate and William in season 6

Direction around the University of St Andrew, Scotland. It was between the walls of this faculty that the parents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis met during their studies in 2001.

Pictures taken in this context, on the set of season 6 The Crown , therefore offer us a first glimpse of those who will play on the small screen the future Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and the Crown Prince, William.

In the role of the latter, Ed McVey bluffs with his almost perfect likeness. Dressed in raw jeans, a navy blue sweater superimposed on a plaid shirt, the actor with blond hair and a charming gaze is, to be mistaken, the carbon copy of Harry’s eldest. 

Facing him, the one who lends her features to the former commoner has nothing to envy, as Meg Bellamy also cultivates a certain resemblance. Judge by yourself.

The Crown 6 : Rupert Finch already known in the 5 th season

If another character will appear, the ex-boyfriend of Kate Middleton, Rupert Finch, the cast introduced in season 5 remains unchanged for this final chapter of The Crown . Imelda Staunton will resume her role as Elizabeth II alongside her husband played by Jonathan Pryce and her sister Margaret, played by Lesley Manville. We will also find Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki in the roles of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

If no release date has been announced by Netflix , this first taste allows us to wait a little longer before definitively closing the series The Crown , several times crowned at the Emmy Awards as well as at the Golden Globes. 

Until then, we can (re)discover previous seasons, still available on the platform that makes TUDUM .


Has The Crown season 6 finished filming?

Has The Crown season 6 finished filming?

The Crown, one of the most popular historical dramas on Netflix, has wrapped up its filming for season six.

A spokesperson from Netflix confirmed on 21st April that the filming for the last season has come to an end. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next season, and Netflix has promised that it will release in Autumn.

However, no exact date has been announced yet, so viewers are speculating that the new season might be released in November or December of 2023 based on previous release schedules.

What is The Crown season 6’s expected release date?

The exact date for the release of The Crown season six is yet to be announced. However, Netflix confirmed that it will arrive in Autumn, which is exciting news for fans of the series.

The previous release schedules indicate that the new season might be released in November or December of 2023.

Who will star in The Crown season 6?

The cast of The Crown will follow the previous format, where the key characters take on two seasons each.

For instance, Imelda Staunton, who was cast as the new Queen Elizabeth II for season five, will feature in two seasons like her predecessors Claire Foy and Olivia Coleman.

Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret for two seasons, alongside Jonathan Pryce as Prince Phillip and Dominic West as Prince Charles. Elizabeth Debicki will satnd on her role as Diana.

Elizabeth Debicki will satnd on her role as Diana.
Elizabeth Debicki will reprise her role as Diana

Other actors who will reprise their roles include Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles, Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed, Salim Daw as Mohamed Al-Fayed, and Bertie Carvel and Lydia Leonard as Tony and Cherie Blair.

Season six will also feature a teenage Prince William and Kate Middleton, who met at St. Andrews University.

Meg Bellamy, 19, will play Kate Middleton while Prince William will be played by Ed McVey, 21. Rufus Kampa, 16, will play a younger William, while the actor playing Prince Harry is Luther Ford.

When was The Crown season 6 confirmed?

Netflix confirmed that The Crown would get a sixth season in July 2020, despite previously stating that the series would end with season five.

The official Netflix account tweeted about the confirmation of another season while confirming that it would be the show’s last.

In a statement, showrunner Peter Morgan explained the decision, saying that it was crucial to cover the richness and complexity of the story in six seasons rather than five.

What might happen in The Crown season 6?

What might happen in The Crown season 6?

The upcoming final season of The Crown will likely take the story from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. During this time, we witnessed the unfolding of Princess Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed, which culminated in their tragic deaths in a car crash in Paris on 31st August 1997.

The series will not show the crash itself, but it’s likely to depict its impact on the world and the royal family.

Other crucial milestones during this period for the royal family include Prince Edward’s marriage to Sophie Wessex in 1999 and the deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen’s mother in 2002.

The Crown season 6 will also feature the start of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance. Leaked photos from the set suggest that the series will depict scenes from St. Andrews, where the couple attended university.

The public affairs involving prime ministers John Major (1990-97) and Tony Blair (1997-2007) are also likely to be depicted, including Blair’s election. Fans of the series believe that there might be a flash forward to Queen Elizabeth II watching King Charles take the throne after her passing.

The Crown paused filming out of respect to Queen Elizabeth II

The Crown paused filming out of respect to Queen Elizabeth II

After the heartbreaking news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II surfaced on September 9th, 2022, The Crown‘s architect, Peter Morgan, revealed that the show’s creation for season six has come to a halt “out of respect” for the Royal family for an unspecified amount of time.

Peter Morgan expressed, “The Crown serves as a declaration of affection towards her. For the time being, I have nothing further to add except for silence and reverence. I anticipate that we will likewise stop production out of respect.”

Stephen Daldry, who directed certain episodes in season one, stated during The Crown’s launch in 2016, “None of us can predict when that moment will occur, but it would be just and proper to demonstrate reverence to the Queen.

It would be a modest tribute and a gesture of respect. She is a global icon, and it is the honorable thing to do.”

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