The 6 spring dress designs that will put you in a French mood

These 6 spring dress, are the most timeless designs that you will wear on repeat every spring. 

Alittle inspiration from Paris street style never hurt anyone. Especially in spring, when all women look a little more beautiful, a little more airy and a little more radiant, the timeless style of French women is the perfect inspo. 

Dresses have always been a key item for the spring season, because they are easy to style with our various jackets and shoes. We’ve rounded up the best dresses from the streets of Paris that deserve your attention and will be worn again and again every spring.

Mini dress with long sleeves: 

It is a design that is mainly aimed at the spring weather, it is so-so sexy and you can find many variations of it in the market. From minimal to florals a long sleeve mini dress goes perfectly with sneakers or boots.

Photo: Instagram/@ annelauremais

Minimal vibes : 

A knitted dress in a basic color is ideal for this season. And French women often prefer it, because it can adapt to different temperatures with great ease.

Romantic dresses: 

Romantic dresses are the epitome of French, elegant style. In spring these dresses become a little more ethereal, more transparent and enriched with details such as lace and tiny buttons.

Photo: Instagram/@ emmanuellek_

Tea dress: 

Or how to dress for a tea party. This dress is always floral or with some other timeless print such as polka dots or leopard. It can be midi or maxi, but we also like asymmetrical shapes with some frills, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw style.


Back details: 

A sexy back can lift even the most boring dress. French women wear timeless dresses with cut outs on the back, which are the most successful version of discreet sexiness.

Photo: Instagram/@lenafarl

Slip Dress: The slip dress is one of our favorite dresses. In spring we like the most special items with colors and techniques that bring us one step closer to summer.


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