Summer sandal trend that will actually make you say goodbye to your black sandals

It is the best summer investment you will make this year.

Summer Sandal Trend! We live in the time when trends and micro trends appear in a flash, but we see them disappear in the same flash. 

And that’s because information these days runs at such a pace that even our clothes aren’t affected by the flow of our feed. 

But in spite of the times and wanting to get closer to sustainable fashion thinking, we try – and do very well – to put in our wardrobe clothes, shoes and accessories that will be timeless and that we will wear for many more seasons.

Summer Sandal Trends

So, when we talk about summer sandals that are classic and timeless, our mind automatically goes to black. 

A pair of black leather sandals is definitely a good solution, especially if you don’t already have such an item in your collection. 

But since it’s summer and we want to get closer to the season and its mood, maybe we’re hesitant to wear black, or maybe we’re just not fans of black in the summer in general.

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The solution is white sandalsWhite is an equally timeless and elegant color, which can be combined with everything, while at the same time we are talking about a shade that will never leave the summer trends.

Summer Sandal Trends

White sandals are the must choice of the summer.

If someone asked me what sandals are you going to buy this year, the answer would be a pair of white sandals. 

Whether with a heel or a flat design, white sandals are the best alternative to the black pairs that have flooded the streets. 

Also, by choosing to wear anything white, you automatically make your outfits more chic and sophisticated, without actually making any effort. This is the power and “magic” of white.

Summer Sandal Trends

Fashion girls have already figured out the perfect alternative to black, giving us the perfect inspo through their everyday ensembles on the city streets. 

We’ve rounded up our favorites. White sandals just made it to the top of your wish list.

Street style inspo:

Summer Sandal Trends
Summer Sandal Trends
Summer Sandal Trends
Summer Sandal Trends
Summer Sandal Trends
Summer Sandal Trends

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