Stormy Daniels, The bomb that can implode Donald Trump

STormy Daniels is the one through whom the scandal happens. 

Who is really the porn actress who can trip up the former American president?

The stripper and the president: the poster looks like a B-movie, but has kept the world in suspense these last few days. Starring Stephanie Clifford, alias Stormy Daniels , 44 years old, a generous breast, a monster nerve, a crazy ambition and a corrosive humor: enough to ensure the media spectacle for many more months in a country that loves extended soap operas…

Stormy Daniels, The bomb that can implode Donald Trump

Stephanie has known enough of the galleys to have nothing to lose: her career is known, we cannot attack her on her dissolute life and her sexual prowess, she has made a juicy business out of it, appears without complex on social networks, and unpacked everything in an autobiography to round up his nest egg.

A difficult childhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with an absent father, an overwhelmed mother, and dark cases of sexual abuse when she was 9 years old. 

She made her debut in striptease before her majority, went on to nights out in night clubs, bought breast implants with the first pills, then headed to Los Angeles to join the world of porn cinema.

Presidential anatomy

stormy daniels vs donald trump

In 2006, she doesn’t know it yet, but her life will change when she crosses paths with Donald Trump . She is 27 years old, he is 60, he is already married to Melania. 

The real estate magnate, who has always been attracted to blond and flashy women, quickly spotted her during a golf tournament in California. 

He approaches her, flatters her, dangles her for a role in his show  The Apprentice , she understands his little game and ends up giving in – Donald Trump will long deny this affair.

“It’s probably the least impressive sexual relationship I’ve had in my life, but he clearly didn’t think so,” she wrote in her autobiography, adding in passing that the man of business had a “mushroom-shaped” penis. 

And to clarify that she has always been ashamed of this affair without a future. “To think that I slept with that… Yuck.” »

The case could have ended there, but Donald Trump fell on a tough girl, who understands that she can have her flirtation paid for at a high price…

Just before the 2016 presidential election, she thus obtains 130,000 dollars via the lawyer of the future president, with a confidentiality clause. 

But advised at the time by Michael Avenatti, an equally ambitious lawyer , she broke the silence, arguing that Trump’s signature does not even appear on the document in question.

From then on, Stormy Daniels regularly surfed on the scandal to attract attention and boost her contracts, especially those with strip clubs –

she was going to be a hit with her “Make America Horny Again” tour, “Render her libido to the ‘America’, a slogan that hijacks that of Donald Trump at the time. 

The actress goes on TV sets to unpack her story and will even participate in the spring 2018 show  Saturday Night Live playing his own role. 

We see her miming a call with the American president, played by Alec Baldwin, on the phone: “Sorry Donald, it’s too late. I know, you don’t believe in climate change, but a storm is coming, baby…” an allusion to his own nickname, Stormy, which evokes the storm in English. 

“Just tell me what do you need so that all of this is forgotten?” asks the fake Donald Trump. “A resignation”, answers the X film bomb.

The new darling of the media

She becomes the pet peeve of Trump fans, who do not hesitate to point out her dissolute life – she has just married a porn actor, her fourth husband -, receives pressure, is the subject of intimidation, says like a big guy once made threats in a Las Vegas parking lot while she was in the company of her daughter…

But Stormy continues to cope and distributes blow after blow: while Trump taunts her by calling her “ Horse face”, she replies by nicknaming him “Tiny”, which can be translated as “little thing”, in reference to his male anatomy… “I have nothing to hide and I am delighted to tell everyone world what I know, “she just told the  Times, ready to testify in court. “I’ve seen him naked, there’s no way he could be scarier dressed…”

Since the indictment of the president, she has become the new darling of the media, the one who could tarnish the political career of the ex-president – ​​he is suspected of having bought the silence of the stripper with funds from his campaign , in violation of election finance laws. 

Trump cries scam and conspiracy while Stormy collects clicks by the thousands on social networks and runs her business at full speed: 25 dollars for a naked calendar, 20 dollars for t-shirts and 10 dollars for an autograph. A bargain since everything is now resold for nearly 100 dollars on eBay . “Allow a few days for shipping”, she has already warned, faced with the influx of orders…

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