Shorts falling off? 3 elegant solutions that will actually save you

All the ways to fix summer's biggest styling problem.

Shorts are by far our most favorite item in the summer season. Elegant, practical and easy to wear, it accompanies us in many, different occasions. 

It can be worn literally everywhere (with the right combinations) from the office, the beach, a date or on your night out with friends.

Every year new fashion trends come to the fore but some all time classic pieces like black, denim and high waisted shorts will always be in fashion . 

They have deservedly earned a place in our wardrobe but sometimes they (unintentionally) make our lives difficult. What I mean; I’ll explain right away!

One of the most common problems is when our favorite shorts “fall”. Honestly, it’s my worst. The good news is that there are easy and stylish ways to keep it stable. Keep reading and you will learn everything.

3 styling tips that will save you

1) Wear your blouse or bodysuit inside out to hold it up. The thicker the fabric, the better for you. You can also wear a stylish belt to keep it in place, even if there are no nipples in the shorts.

2) Tie a scarf like a belt. Scarves with prints are a big trend this year. It will work like a belt and will significantly upgrade your look.

3) Use braces. With this easy trick you will make your shorts look like overalls and ensure a better fit.

5 high-waisted shorts that are worth investing in this summer.


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