Round Animals That Will Make Circles Your New Favorite Shape

Round animals: Let’s all say it together — we love our cuddly round animals. The fluffier the better on the internet because we just eat that kind of cute stuff right up.

This is a list of the cuddliest and roundest little sweethearts in the animal kingdom that will have you running directly to your nearest petting zoo.

We present to you round animals! Adorable creatures with hair, fur, and bodies that will have your hands reaching towards the screen trying to hug them.

We’ll give you this list but not any screen wipes for your fingerprints, sorry.

This Happy Round Boy With A Fresh New ‘Do!

happy circle dog

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

There’s only one thing better than a round dog — a happy round dog! This little fella became just that after his owners took him to the groomers for a fresh new fur-style. This happy camper was certainly feeling his look as he smiled for the cameras.

He looks like an actual cloud. Maybe a smoky cloud, but still a soft cloud nonetheless. Hopefully, someone has a leash and collar handy to get on him just in case he floats away.

Do You Like My New Socks?

hedgehog with socks on

Photo Credit: @mr.pokee / Instagram

We have a fashionista in the building! This little round hedgehog decided that socks were no longer just a human thing, but were fair game for all creatures of all shapes and sizes. Especially cute circular ones.

Look at how happy and excited she is to show you her new purchase! She definitely put them on as soon as she came home and struck a pose in the living room for you to rate them. We give her 10/10!


This Smiling Snowball

cute big white fluffy dog

Photo Credit: @samoyedmerlin / Instagram

Not every single one of us looks forward to winter — but after looking at this cutie you might just start to. When Merlin the Samoyed’s dad took him out for a romp around in the snow Merlin thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had the smile to prove it.

Look at that cheeky grin! Fun fact, Samoyeds are actually known for more than their puffy white coats — they have a famous smile too! Their signature facial expression is affectionately dubbed the “Sammy Smile.”

This smiling quokka coming up is so happy with her new leaf and our hearts have never felt fuller.


This Shocked Wild Cat Should Do Broadway With This Acting

wild cuddly cat

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

Haven’t you ever looked into your dog or cat’s eyes and wondered what they really thought? Sometimes it’s hard to understand what they’re thinking when they’re not being expressive. That’s not a problem with this big round wild cat.

Meet the Pallas cat. It’s a round boy whose home is in Central Asia and its Broadway debut is next Thursday. A fun fact about this adorable creature is that it’s actually the size of a domestic cat! Its fur is just so long and dense that it makes their bodies look so much bigger. We want to hug him…


5-Second Rule Doesn’t Apply On This Meatball

pomeranian looks like a meat ball

Photo Credit: @cece.pomeranian / Instagram

We’ve all been cooking up a storm when we accidentally drop a piece of food on the ground and we’re met with the age-old question: do you leave it or apply the 5-second rule? If it’s on the carpet just leave it, but if it’s an adorable round Pomeranian pick it up and giving it a cuddle.

This little meatball looks so happy to be helping his human cook that he doesn’t mind he’s being compared to a meatball. They are his favorite things next to milk bones.


Round Quokka Is So Thankful For Your Leaf Gift

quoka smiling at camera

Photo Credits: @cruzysuzy / Instagram

If you didn’t know what a quokka is before, get ready to meet your new favorite animal. These little creatures are from down under, specifically Rottenest Island off the coast of Australia. Don’t ask them if they want a shrimp on the barby, because they’re perfectly fine with leaves.

Look at how happy this sweet girl is with the delicious leaf that someone has given her. She’s so happy and content that we want to go out and find her another one.

These alpacas are FFF’s — Fluffy Friends Forever!


This Is No Angry Bird

round little birdy

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

If you’ve ever played Angry Birds you’ll remember the game for how cute and round those little birds were. This birdie on a twig is like the real-life version of that game, except she’s way more relaxed.

How could any bird be angry when they look like this? She’s so round and pastel that she looks like a little snowcone. Maybe she’s so happy because she learned that birds are actually descendants from dinosaurs and she’s thankful that she doesn’t look like a T-Rex.


Seals Just Bobbing Along

round seals floating in water

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

Seals are the original round animal that really started off the trend. When people realized how cute round seals are, then the animal started getting internet famous and other adorable round animals made their way into the spotlight. With this photo, you can really see why.

We can’t get over how cute these friends are. Fun fact: these “ear-less” seals have their hips attached to their tails, which makes them quicker in the water than their fur-seal cousins. It also makes it so they have to bounce on their bellies to get around on land.


Two Fuzzy Alpacas Enjoying The Sun

chunky alpacas

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

Life’s just better with friends — these round alpacas know this all too well. These two are taking a lovely afternoon walk in the sun and enjoying the weather and their roundness together. If you stare at this photo for too long then all you’ll want to do it rub your face in that soft warm fur.

Alpacas are actually descendants from camels and llamas but were bred specifically for their fur, and this photo proves why. These glorious puff-balls are the reason you’re booking a plane ticket to Peru.

These bunnies in their group cuddle just made our hearts


This Chinchilla Is Chill And Circular

round chinchilla

Photo Credit: @camerons_chinchilla / Instagram

What came first, this chinchilla’s chill attitude or its status as a round boy? We’re willing to bet that being chill helped it get so cute and round, while being round and soft helped it be chill. This sweet fellow is his own blanket and pillow when he’s feeling stressed.

An interesting fact about chinchillas is that they have teeth that are constantly growing — they can grow up to 2-3 inches per year! That’s bigger than a whole chinchilla! To keep their teeth small, chinchillas are constantly munching on something.


This Persian Kitty Frowns In Fluff

chubby cheeks cat in a onesie

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

These round cheeks do not lie. This sweet little round kitty heard that big cheeks were back in style so they grabbed some fashionable clothing to accent their cheeky assets. They also disagreed when they heard that the best accessory is always a smile.

This grumpy kitty is a Persian cat. This breed is known for their adorable frowning face and regal fluffy fur. They’re so majestic that they were the favorite of the French monarchy back before the revolution.


Bunny Smooch

bunnies happy together in a circle

Photo Credit: @round.boys / Instagram

Stop whatever you’re doing because this is the cutest photo in existence. What’s better than two bunnies giving each other a little peck on the cheek? We raise you a whole little pile of bunnies cuddling each other. There are no words for this puddle of cuteness.

Rabbits live together in grounds and they build their homes in underground tunnels called “warren.” We’re so happy these cuties decided to make the trip aboveground so we could snap a photo of them in all their round glory.

Another round seal because we just want your seal of approval.


Hog Takes A Snooze

headgehog sleeping

Photo Credit: @uni_desu / Instagram

It’s a well-known fact that hedgehogs are one of the cutest animals out there — did you see the one with socks? That one was wide awake and ready to steal our hearts away, but you’ll be happy to know they’re cute sleeping as well. They’re round too — boy are they round.

Look at this little hedgie bum! How cute is this little sleeping sweetheart? Since 2006, Mcdonalds in the UK has put their McFlurries in a hedgehog-friendly cup after one poor fellow got his head caught. Hedgehogs can rest easy knowing they can eat the treats.


Snow Hare Don’t Care

snow rabbit

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

Snow hares are truly a delight to see! They’re uncommon creatures we’re not used to seeing every day, so behold one in its full round glory. This hare looks more marshmallow than animal though. Don’t get the graham crackers out just yet until you’re sure.

A fun fact about these creatures is that their fur turns brown in the summer because they don’t need their white coat for disguise in the snow anymore. We firmly believe this round ball of glory looks good in any color.


This Round Guy Has Our Seal Of Approval

sleepy seal big belly

Photo Credit: @round.seals / Instagram

Seals are incredible creatures that can swim in freezing cold Arctic waters. Earless seals don’t have the thick coats that other seals do, so to stay warm in that chilly water they bulk up. A thick layer of blubber keeps their bodies warm and round.

When seal babies are feeding from their moms, the moms produce milk that has 50% fat so the babies can gain weight quickly. Their little ones gain 3-5 pounds daily! Now that’s a nutritional beverage.


If You Eat Enough Froot Loops You May Start To Look Like One

round cat begging for cereal

Photo Credit: @round.boys / Instagram

This little round kitty loves Froot Loops so much that he decided to mimic their shape with his fluffy body. Honestly, this is the kind of fan dedication that we respect. His owners should only be concerned if he starts to turn purple…

A fun cat fact is that cats sleep on average from 13-14 hours a day. That’s more time in a day that they’re spending asleep than awake! So maybe instead of calling them “cat naps” we should be calling them “cat slumbers.”


This Heckin Fluff Got A Haircut

poodle after a haircut looking cute

Photo Credit: @round.boys / Instagram

Imagine going to your local groomers and asking them to make your pup into a literal cloud, because that’s probably what these owners did when they took their poodle in for a trim. That is a poodle, right? We can’t tell under all that fluffy goodness.

Apparently, poodles were bred in France to retrieve ducks and other hunted birds from the water. That’s the reason for their iconic haircuts too. Hunters would shave the dogs down in spots they didn’t want wet fur to weigh the dog down.


Which One Is the Real Hamster?

circle hamster with toys

Photo Credit: @round.boys / Instagram

This adorable photo will have you running out to the optometrist because you’ll be afraid you’re seeing everything 3 times. See if you can guess which hamster is real and which two are toys. We bet you can’t since they’re all fluffy round creatures.

The round sweetheart in the middle is the real one — she doesn’t have a store tag either. A fun fact about hamsters is that they carry a lot of their food in their cheeks, so when their cheeks are full their head size can triple! We would pay to see those ultra round cheeks.


This Back-Sleeper Is Way Too Cute To Wake Up

puppy sleeping on its back

Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

This little round puppy made waves on the internet a few years ago when a photo went viral of him sleeping on his back while his furry siblings lay around him. He’s totally adorable and the sleeping position makes us all say “same” after a long day. Get some rest little round buddy.

Apparently, whenever puppies sleep on their backs that means that they trust you. In the wild, animals always sleep on their bellies to protect one of their most vulnerable parts. This round little boy just gets cuter when you know he feels safe.


These Big Eyes Have Seal It All

seal in the water big eyes

Photo Credit: @marinemammalresuce / Instagram

Take a look into these big round seal eyes and discover why we celebrate international seal day on March 22nd. This is a very valid holiday and you should definitely throw a party in honor of seals. Just look at these eyes, they’re begging you to.

Did you know that seals can sleep underwater? They really only come up to escape predators, mate, birth, feed, and moult. These round babies are cute, but wow, that’s an impressively long time that they can hold their breath!

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