Red lover! 7 manicure designs with festive red as the protagonist

The red manicure designs is an all-time classic choice that matches every outfit and every occasion.

It’s Sunday! And what does that mean? That we will talk about nails. But not just any manicure… Since there are 7 days left until Christmas, we’re going to talk about the color that prevails everywhere these days. Of course, the red!

If you don’t rock a holiday red polish now, when will you? Red polishes give a feminine touch to the edges and fill every look with confidence and dynamism. The red manicure, like the red lipstick, has no season! It is an all-time classic choice and matches every outfit and every occasion.

However, we have combined the holidays with the color red. Many women, in other words, choose to add a bright red manicure to their look, which will cheer them up and immediately put them in a festive mood. Keep scrolling to see some of the most imaginative x-mas nail arts created by nail experts.

Manicure designs Red Passion:


Combine the red varnish with brown shades. The checkered design is reminiscent of the fugues that we wrap Christmas presents.


If you want a dazzling manicure, choose glitter and rhinestones and take off your edges.


This particular nail art makes the nails look like little candies.


Instead of the classic French manicure with the white line, choose a red line which will immediately put you in a festive mood.


Add the cutest and x-mas designs to each finger individually. If you’re a fan of maximalism, you’ll love them!


As you can see, this season the French manicure is red.


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