Red carpet flops: 8 fashion missteps spotted at the Grammys

The 65th Grammy Awards ceremony took place last night in Los Angeles and the fashion police got excited: the most beautiful outfits have already invaded the web. 

But a few missteps have slipped into this pretty parade. We couldn’t help but point them out…

The red carpet and fashion

Each year, the Grammy Awards, just like the Oscars and other official ceremonies, are an opportunity for stars to bring out their best outfits: whether through collaboration with major fashion houses or to highlight promising young designers, many outfits are really interesting and often all very beautiful. From the evening of the ceremony, fashion magazines publish their Top 10 of the most beautiful creations.

On the other hand, whether it is for the sake of creating a buzz or for a real lack of taste, some arrive on the red carpet with inappropriate outfits, too much , even downright ugly. Obviously, all tastes are in nature and the ugly of one will not necessarily be perceived as ugly by someone else, especially from one generation to another. But it must be recognized that there is also sometimes a question of circumstances, of balance in the outfit, or even of knowing how to wear what will enhance you which gets stuck on certain silhouettes…

We allowed ourselves to point out these few outfits, which we liked less, and which makes us think that the red carpet is also certainly a show in its own right.

fashion missteps spotted at the Grammys

The cassock dress, blah

Despite a very noticeable entry in a total bright red look, Sam Smith misses a bit. Her long red tunic puts on a show, but the massive side of this very (too) wide shimmering red dress makes us think of Demis Roussos and his famous djellabas. This will not be remembered as an example of good taste.

Return of Cruella

Canadian singer Shania Twain had opted for a polka dot costume, which was furiously reminiscent of a tribute to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. However, with the red hair and the pointed hat, the whole thing is fun, but too cartoonish and frankly garish.

fashion missteps spotted at the Grammys

Garbage bag dress

Bella Harris, however, wore an elegantly cut dress, a long black sheath with a train and the long matching gloves. We just have a hesitation on the ultra-plastic black material, too shiny, which gives it a little air of garbage bag.

In the eyes, we said

Often the Grammys are a parade of vertiginous necklines, whether they are ultra-plunging or transparent, the sexy is assumed and that suits us. Just that this one lacks elegance and takes up all the space, unnecessarily diverting the gaze from Bebe Rexha’s flawless face and blow-dry.

Tribute to Pierrot

Harry Styles has accustomed us to the most eccentric outfits and each outing is an opportunity to marvel. Here, we like less: we hadn’t seen Pierrot’s costume since Michel Fugain or David Bowie, but here the outfit doesn’t have as much of a dog. Bad pick.

A bit too undressed

We loved Mireille Darc in the 70s, in a black sheath that revealed the birth of her buttocks, it was sublimely sexy. Here, on Ingrid Andress, it’s too much, the excessive undressing transforms the evening dress into a kind of beach dress. And then when we reveal too much, the mystery effect becomes a bit vulgar.

A bizarre puzzle

The duo Domi Louna and JD Beck appeared in a somewhat retro country look. It’s lovely out of context, but the overload of prints, pattern mix-ups and childish details like quilts and trainers makes it look childish and a bit ridiculous. We pass. 

Too much frills

We love dresses embroidered with flowers, houses like Dior have made them their signature, it’s romantic, fresh and elegant. But here the actress Alisha Gaddis wears a profusion of flowers, a massive dress, quite shapeless. In the end, this cascade of flowers weighs down her silhouette. Too much embroidery kills embroidery, it seems.

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