Prince Harry-Meghan Markle : Would their marriage be in danger?

Let’s admit it and face it : The majority of people following the news of the most exposed royal couple of the past two years will say there is doubt in the air regarding Prince Harry‘s morale and of the Duchess of Sussex. Would their marriage be in danger? What about their relationship with the Royal family? These are questions that fans of the couple are asking themselves right now. We all know the young couple’s behavior isn’t always well received in the UK and the former actress’ reputation has gone downhill with the English. The cultural difference probably has something to do with it. We will see where the princely couple is and the confessions of Prince Harry and Meghan concerning this unusual situation.

Prince Harry-Meghan Markle : Would their marriage be in danger?

Meghan’s revelations about Harry

When Meghan had met Harry, she was in all her states. We suspect that Prince Harry had made him crack, how not to resist his charm and his mischievous little air? Actress, at the time, she never imagined that one day she would fall into the arms of a prince. These things were more likely to happen during the filming of his love movies. The pretty brunette had confessed to her best friend that she had found the perfect man, an excellent choice, according to her.

Her Revelations About Harry

Meghan’s revelations about Harry

When Meghan had met Harry, she was in all her states. We suspect that Prince Harry had made him crack, how not to resist his charm and his mischievous little air? Actress, at the time, she never imagined that one day she would fall into the arms of a prince. These things were more likely to happen during the filming of his love movies. The pretty brunette had confessed to her best friend that she had found the perfect man, an excellent choice, according to her.

Entry into the Royal Family

Then followed the meeting with the family of Prince Harry. A dreamy story. Meghan would never have imagined one day marrying the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, we can see how the Duchess of Sussex was thrilled at her wedding at the Saint Georges Chapel. The couple had the honor of receiving the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day. Only a few days after their marriage, they reveal their plans to travel to help disadvantaged countries.

Protocol Deviations

Their eldest son, Archie

May 6, 2019 marks the birth of their first child: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. His parents wanted their offspring to have no royal status. We can say that Meghan Markle has understood the lesson well. Indeed, integrating the royal family is not an easy task and the former actress understood it at her expense. Of course, her love for Harry blinded her, but very quickly, the royal protocol was imposed and the young mother was apparently not yet ready to face it.

Their Eldest Son, Archie

Too many restrictions

Meghan was very familiar with the main rules imposed for generations by the royal family before engaging with Harry. She was aware that her acting career would become a thing of the past, but had she properly considered the repercussions of this change on her life, in particular the fact of having to say goodbye to her independence? The protocol in a royal family cannot be discussed and many restrictions have emerged that Meghan did not know existed, integrating such a family is a daily learning process.

Too Many Restrictions

Chelsy, the Prince’s former girlfriend

Prince Harry‘s former love Chelsy is the most serious relationship the Duke of Sussex had before meeting Meghan Markle. According to a source close to the pretty blonde, she would have had a telephone conversation with Harry just before her wedding. 

The latter was crying and seemed reluctant to take the plunge and move on. Chelsy and Harry had a beautiful love story. If Chelsy hadn’t refused Harry’s marriage proposal, the story would have been very different and they would still be together. The young woman was simply afraid to join the royal family and was aware of the protocol.

Chelsy, The Prince's Former Girlfriend

Handcuffed to the Royal Family?

All brides and grooms experience this stress and excitement as their wedding approaches, so imagine what it feels like when you get married to join the “clan” of a world apart with rules of their own. Won’t that scare you? Meghan seems not to have calculated this and jumped into this marriage very quickly. On Harry’s side, rumors would reveal that Prince William would have warned his younger brother about his future married life. He was clearly keen to persuade Harry that he was going a bit too fast and barely knew Meghan.

Handcuffed to the Royal Family

The sacrifice

It’s clear that her acting career had to be “confiscated” from her life. In addition, Meghan had to give up on other occupations and passions that she had before her union with the Prince. She was very fond of photography, she was also interested in creating websites and planned to make it her job. It’s not an easy task to have to feel controlled, but let’s remember that love makes you blind and there is a clear tendency to forget yourself to get along in England.

The sacrifice

A radical change in the Prince

All those close to Harry say more or less the same thing: The Prince would have changed his behavior since he went out with the former actress. It would seem that the young woman would influence her husband who would have become more distant with his family. It’s already not a good sign when a partner manages to distance the other from his loved ones… “His character has literally changed since he joined Meghan, he has become more picky” confided a source close to the Duke of Sussex.

A radical change

Different statutes

They say that love is stronger than anything, but we must not forget that other elements come into play when we unite with our partner, especially in this unusual case. It’s not every day you marry a Royal member. The status of Meghan is so different from that of Harry without forgetting that the American culture is rather opposed to the European culture. Of course, this would be absolutely no problem for private citizens like you and me, but in the case of a Prince and an actress, it is complicated.

Different Statuses

The flip side

Lady Diana, Grace Kelly and Meghan Markle all have one thing in common; they had no royal status until they married a member of the royal family. They had to become aware of the rigorous rules implied by this integration. Did Meghan really want this life, was she really aware of it? On International Mental Health Day, Meghan said the change has had a big impact on her morale, including media pressure.

The reverse of the medal

Meghan is not spared

You can be an excellent wife, smiling, well dressed and trying your best to find a place for yourself among the members of a family, but there is always a small problem that will cause discomfort. So if this happens in a family of royal blood, imagine the disaster a little without forgetting that Meghan Markle is constantly exposed to the media and often finds herself on the front page of the newspapers, which did not happen to her as frequently when she was an actress.

Meghan is not spared

A lack of balance

Meghan Markle’s dream of having this life as a princess in a secure setting will gradually become a real golden cage for the young woman. We all know that her original education has nothing to do with that of her husband, who was already immersed in the rules of nobility from birth. Newspapers had revealed that Meghan was depressed over so many expectations of her to join the family, and the British media reportedly turned worse than the paparazzi in her hometown.

A lack of balance

An annoying detail

It must be said that Meghan was not like all these Hollywood stars but an actress of TV movies, which softened her daily life compared to the press which focuses mainly on the most coveted and exposed stars of the United States. Thinking of having a quieter princely life, Meghan was wrong. But who would have guessed that the British people would be so interested in the young American? These are especially details that the wife of Prince Harry sometimes forgets to respect, such as, for example, the fact of not wearing tights as tradition dictates.

An Annoying Detail


Prince Harry Questions His Marriage To Meghan Markle

A severe situation

Following Meghan’s depression, Prince Harry followed her to the United States, a departure that marks a greater distance with the royal family. The couple somehow tries to recover from the press and the pressure from Harry’s family to keep a good image in front of the world. This decision will not be without consequences when it comes to the duties of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. On the social side, Harry would have lost most of his friends, as well as Meghan.

A situation for the less severe

Meghan’s reputation

Speculation is rife in the UK regarding the former actress. Many English people and couple specialists believe that Meghan would have influenced her husband. The reputation of the young woman therefore took a hit. In addition, there are tensions within his in-laws, according to a close source. You have to be very strong of character to support speculation from the public and the media, which explains the crisis that Meghan and Harry are feeling at the moment.

Meghan's Reputation

Between the two Princes

One thing is certain, it is that the two brothers became less accomplices after Harry married his sweetheart. The relationship worsened when Harry left with Meghan to settle in North America, before they finally landed in California. But, fortunately, in May 2020, it seems that Lady Diana’s two children have reconnected. “Having a good relationship with my family allows me to have a more peaceful life,” said William’s little brother in public.

Between The Two Princes

America and the UK

It must be said that Archie’s parents come from two distant and culturally different continents. While some of us tend to think that it was all just a coincidence and that Meghan would have met Harry like that, and would have simply had love at first sight: A certain Lizzie Cundy comes to deny this rumor. Meghan Markle was very single and felt lonely but was thirsty to meet, she had asked her friend, Lizzie if she did not know, by chance, a famous Englishman.

America and the UK

Little altercation with the Queen

Know that the former actress has a weakness for English men, attractive and … famous! So, there was no doubt that she would immediately be interested in the attractive Harry, son of Lady Di. And, what’s more, is part of the British nobility. Meghan knew how to use her charm.

So many are asking the question: Is it really love that Meghan feels for Harry? The little altercation that Meghan had with the Queen leaves us in doubt, since Meghan would have liked to have access to the royal jewels…

Small altercation with the queen

A family separation

Queen Elizabeth II immediately protested and let her step-granddaughter know that royal jewelry could only be worn when she gave her permission, suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II would not like Meghan. She would have changed her behavior towards the young American, compared to the beginning of their meeting, where the Queen was particularly warm with the pretty brunette. From now on, there are small tensions between the two women. It should be added that the relationship that Meghan had with her half-sister, her father’s daughter, has also deteriorated.

Family Separation

A kind gesture

Let’s go back to the beginning, only two years ago. Relations between Meghan Markle and the royal family were in full swing. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II, had put aside the royal protocol on the occasion of Christmas and allowed the young American to attend the family celebration of December 25 even if Meghan was not yet married to her little one. son. In addition, remember that Meghan Markle had recently divorced and the royal protocol is formal: It is not allowed for a member of the royal family to marry a divorced person, in a church.

A Benevolent Gesture


But miracle: Queen Elisabeth II did not hear it that way and allowed the young couple to get married in a church. So why did things go downhill within the Prince’s family? Among the employees who work in Buckingham Palace, one of them would have revealed the lack of respect that Meghan has towards the staff and would have an overbearing and demanding character. For her part, Meghan had confessed during a documentary they were filming in Africa, that she realized how difficult it was to become a mother and to have to know all the royal protocol in such a short time. .


The rumor

Footballer Ashley Cole asked out Meghan Markle shortly before she met Prince Harry. He had contacted him via his Twitter account and was rather insistent. Meghan had asked a friend of hers if she knew Ashley well, but little information was given to her until the future Duchess of Sussex found out he had had several mistresses while married. “I’m going to let it go,” Meghan had said, according to her friend.

The rumor

to be exposed

It looks like Meghan wanted the media attention. In any case, this is what the young woman had wished for at the very beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry. Psychology experts even go so far as to say that Meghan wanted to be seen following her divorce to show the world, and her ex-husband, that she had moved on and succeeded. An employee of the celebrity press confirmed one thing, it is that Meghan asked that we talk about her as much as possible and she regretted it afterwards … the newspaper The Sun or the Daily Mail s are given to their heart’s content.

Being Exposed

A split personality?

When TV presenter Lizzie Cundy first met Meghan Markle, it was at a bar, and she had no idea Meghan was famous! Indeed, she was so warm, open and natural with the facilitator “She makes you feel right away as if you were at home” recalls Lizzie. “She wanted to know if I knew an Englishman and she wanted to make herself known in the UK” which did not strike the presenter, but Lizzie realized later that Meghan had a hypocritical personality.

A Dual Personality

Financial problems?

Meghan had starred in several TV movies for Hallmark, as well as in the detective series “Suits” which she left at the end of 2017. She earned a very good living, but has the duty to pay taxes in the United States. It could end there, but Meghan has spent a lot of money while residing in the UK since her marriage to Prince Charles’ son. There’s also the residence in Montecito, Calif., which the couple recently purchased for a value of $14.7 million not to mention the birth of their child, Archie.

Financial Problems

The shock of the past

According to a source close to the royal family, Meghan would have influenced Prince Harry in many areas. She would have convinced him to talk more about the death of his mother, Lady Diana, in public. The goal being that he empties his emotions a little, which would block him. It was certainly well-intentioned on Meghan’s part, but the Prince’s family didn’t see it that way. They said that Harry shouldn’t talk about it like that in public and that his feelings should be kept private, no need to attract the press again.


The British-American couple would have confided in public that they were taking care of their mental health, affected by all these changes made in such a short time, in their lives: Since their meeting in 2017, the press has not let them go, there are then came the depression of Meghan and the criticism of the British press towards the latter. The couple states that all this disturbed them and weakened their mental health, which would explain their behavioral deviations and their deviations from protocol. That said, Queen Elizabeth II does not think that mental problems can excuse certain behaviors.


Meghan’s influence

When a couple has their respective families who live very far from each other, it is normal for one of them to make concessions and agree to spend the holidays with the other’s family. It makes perfect sense to Meghan, and Prince Harry is totally on board with his sweetheart. So they spent their first Christmas as a married couple in Canada and stayed there for a few weeks. Queen Elisabeth II had accepted that her grandson go there, fortunately! However, it was learned that she reluctantly said yes.

Meghan's influence

Prince Harry’s family disappointed

It has already been a long time, almost a year, since the Duke and Duchess announced their departure to the United States to the royal family. While their friends encouraged them to take the plunge – because they clearly needed a change of scenery – Prince Harry‘s family did not hear it that way. It is hoped that the tensions will ease over time. It is especially the Queen who is affected by this and she did not hide it in her public Christmas speech. Lucky for Harry: He has fewer obligations than his brother William.

Prince Harry's Family, Disappointed

Little Archie

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son was granted private citizenship, meaning he is a normal citizen. Meghan and Harry have understood that media exposure is not a life and that their son deserved to live in discretion. And of course, this decision was not unanimous on the side of the family of his father, Harry. And if the immigration to the United States of Meghan and Harry delights the mother of the former actress, Doria Ragland, it certainly does not please Harry’s grandmother.

Little Archie

complaint against the media

We agree and we will all have understood: Meghan’s life is more exposed than ever since she met Prince Harry. The young woman was still unknown to those who did not know her TV movies or her series. She recently filed a complaint against the British newspapers which talked about her constantly and disclosed too personal information about her. The press went too far and this is undoubtedly the cause of the departure of the couple to California where their privacy is much better protected.

File a Complaint Against the Media

Meghan Markle, in embarrassment

There will be a family reunion at Buckingham Palace before the couple officially leaves for the United States. Meghan Markle would simply like to return to England with a rested mind. Archie’s parents will have to deal with the paparazzi and the royal family who have become reticent about their new life. This will be the last straight line and proof of courage that they will have to adopt before continuing their new life in the United States.

Meghan Markle, In Embarrassment

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