Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the center of a hilarious sequence from South Park

Accustomed to making fun of the stars, the corrosive series “South Park” is paying Prince Harry and his wife Meghan in a hilarious episode this week.

Reveal a lot, while claiming not to be exposed… It’s a bit like squaring the circle for the Sussexes. A contradiction (in appearance, because on closer inspection the problem turns out to be more complex ) which in any case greatly amused the creators of the corrosive series ” South Park “, to the point that they decided to devote an episode whose title immediately announces the mocking and incisive tone: “A stupid prince and a stupid woman”.

This episode 2 of season 26 therefore openly mocks Prince Harry and his wife Meghan . In a sequence revealed on social networks, we discover them entering a television set with signs asking that their privacy be respected: “We want our privacy!”, and “Stop watching us!”


Rather contradictory claims with the posting of their very intimate documentary series ” Harry & Meghan ” and the sensational release of the prince’s autobiographical book ” The Spare “, here renamed “Waaaaagh” (an onomatopoeia that could represent the cry of a capricious baby).

‘South Park’ trashes ‘dumb’ Meghan Markle, Prince Harry on ‘Worldwide Privacy Tour’ 

In Hollywood, these new digital technologies that make it possible to “resurrect” or rejuvenate personalities are more and more regularly used. Evidenced by the appearances of Carrie Fisher in “Rogue One” and Mark Hamill in “Mandalorian”. 

Recently, even if it is only a question of the voice for this case, the actor James Earl Jones , 91 years old, for his part gave the green light so that Disney and Lucasfilm continue, without him, to exploit his voice in new adventures of his iconic Darth Vader character. It is therefore now with the voice that we have always known him, but in reality a synthetic voice created thanks to an artificial intelligence, that the character will express himself.

The Good Morning Canada presenter, who hosts the Sussexes on his show, told Harry: “Some people might say your Instagram loving wife bitch actually doesn’t want her privacy.”

In a teaser of the episode posted on YouTube, Kyle, one of the heroes of the series declares: “I’m tired of hearing about them! I can’t get away from them! They are everywhere, in front of my fucking face!” And Cartman added: “We don’t give a damn about a stupid prince and his stupid wife.”

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