Kendall Jenner: the tradition of the most stylish Easter dress

Kendall Jenner always has a way of making her Easter look unforgettable. This year, she found another unique vintage piece.

Every Easter Sunday, the Kardashian family spends the day together, with the Kardashians-Jenners sisters always bringing us a little piece of the lavish table usually set up at Kris Jenner’s Malibu home. 

Kendall Jenner

Among them, Kendall Jenner is always the one who chooses a look, which “traditionally” now has a spring, romantic, Easter character. It’s her own little Easter tradition and we absolutely love watching it year after year. 

And this time she made sure not to disappoint us and together with her favorite stylist – and our favorite – Dani Michelle, she found another unique vintage item from the 90s.

Kendall Jenner’s slip dress took us back to Stella McCartney’s heyday.

Kendall Jenner

First, let’s say that vintage hunting, yes, is a trend. And Dani Michelle is the ultimate expert in this, having found the greatest treasures for her famous clients from time to time. 

Let’s not forget that she dressed almost the entire wedding of Courtney Kardashian in vintage designer pieces from top designers. 

Kendall Jenner
kendall Jenner

So here he found for Kendall the ultimate slip dress from a collection that actually gave birth to the term and brought the lingerie dress into fashion

We are of course talking about Stella McCartney and her collection for Chloe in 1998, when she still had the title of creative director.

kendall Jenner VS Naomie

Kendall, therefore, added to her collection a wonderful slip dress in the most elegant baby blue color you have ever seen. 

Silk satin and white lace details create a lingerie dress in a maxi line, which certainly does not go unnoticed. Especially, on Kendall. 

The most impressive part about it is of course its line, which erases the proportions and the halter neck tie at the neck. 

Naomi Campbell wore it on the catwalk in 1998 and Tab Vintage, who gave the dress to Kendall, reminded us of the show.

Kendall Jenner
kendall Jenner

It might be a bit difficult for you to find such an item, but would a slip dress with a simple line and a cute cardigan be a good solution for your own Easter look?

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