Hybrid car: How to choose the right one?

Hybrid car is an increasingly popular type of motorization. It symbolizes an attractive in-between between the thermal car and the electric. 

Preconceptions regarding this technology are still very strong despite the fact that certain manufacturers, such as Toyota, have been offering it for more than twenty years. 

However, is this dual-fuel system trustworthy? Who is the hybrid car for?

Is a hybrid engine suitable for your trips?

hybrid car

Due to the addition of an electric motor, the hybrid car retains excellent skills in town in particular . This is where the gains are strongest since the electric motor uses the energy recovered during braking and makes it possible to start without consuming gasoline . 

However, thanks to the heat engine, the hybrid car is also comfortable on the highway, but this is not where it will be the most economical since the fuel savings will not compensate for the additional cost of purchase. 

The hybrid car is suitable for both small and large riders provided that part of their journey takes place in urban areas. Profitability is then faster.

Which type of hybrid to prefer in which case?

There are three types of hybrid cars , from the most “simple” to the most accomplished. Each has its advantages.

hybrid car

Light hybridization

Also called “micro-hybridization” , “mild Hybrid”  or “Hybrid 48V” , this hybrid technology takes the form of a small electric motor which helps the thermal engine in the times. 

The main benefit is to save fuel although the gains are usually quite small. It is above all the CO2 emissions which are decreasing and which make it possible to reduce the ecological penalty .

However, a 48V Hybrid car does not allow driving in all-electric mode . These systems are suitable for any type of wheeler, since they operate exactly the same way as a conventional combustion engine. 

They will be found especially on small cars with an economic vocation to lower consumption without increasing the purchase price too much, or on the contrary on engines of large displacement to lower their penalty.

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The Full Hybrid

hybrid car

The electric motor of a “classic” hybrid car takes the form of a heat engine capable of recovering energy on deceleration. 

One of the advantages of a classic hybrid car is that it never needs to be plugged into a socket to recharge the batteries: the way hybrid cars work is that they recharge themselves.

The energy can then be used in the city, although operation in all-electric mode is limited. 

The additional cost compared to a conventional gasoline is approximately the same as that requested for a diesel, these vehicles will therefore be particularly interesting for those who drive a lot and mainly in urban and peri-urban areas.

The plug-in hybrid

Finally, the rechargeable hybrid, which sometimes takes the name of PHV or PHeV , combines two engines: a combustion engine and an electric one . 

The battery of the electric motor must be charged from a terminal such as those used by electric vehicles or at home in order to supply it. 

Autonomy in all-electric mode is then between 20 and 100 kilometres . The two motors can also run simultaneously for more power. 

If the system is ideal in the city , because it allows you to make most of your daily trips without using a drop of gasoline, theconsumption on the highway in thermal mode will generally be higher, due to the weight of the batteries.

This type of vehicle is primarily intended for people wishing to drive electric for their ordinary journeys but cannot settle for a 100% electric car due to their limited range. 

It should be noted, however, that plug-in hybrid cars will only really be profitable for large riders , being expensive vehicles that combine a thermal car and an all-in-one electric car. 

They are also often prized by buyers of premium vehicles, as they allow for a powerful engine while escaping the ecological malus.

What fuel can you put in a hybrid?

hybrid car

Hybrid cars are the combination of an electric motor and a second heat. The energy of the internal combustion engine is generally gasoline , which opens up the choice of Sans-Plomb 95, Sans-Plomb 95 E10 and Sans-Plomb 98. 

Some models run on diesel but they are rare and these are usually big SUVs. It is also possible to choose a hybrid using bioethanol. In this case, an ethanol conversion is necessary, through a box, in order to be able to use E85.


The hybrid car, contrary to popular belief, is very reliable . The addition of the electric motor does not complicate the heat engine. The assembly is therefore no more fragile than a petrol or diesel car . 

Better still, the fact of combining two motors makes it possible to limit joint wear . However, a hybrid car draws its interest in the city. 

A hybrid that never goes to town could see its battery lose capacity due to lack of use. It is therefore better to analyze your needs beforehand. 

But overall, hybrid cars, regardless of their technology, are very reliable.

The main thing to remember

The hybrid car is a relevant choice that will appeal above all to urban dwellers frightened by all-electric vehicles and those who do not wish to be restricted by autonomy. 

Easy to live with, the hybrid car is available with several technologies adapted to everyone’s needs and budget . 

It is also a good way to reduce the ecological penalty on purchase while reducing the consumption budget afterwards.

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