How do I know if my phone is qi compatible? Know everything !

Appeared in 2008, the induction method is a charging method developed for telephones. It is now appreciated by many consumers. Focus on what is a qi charger and its compatibility with your phone.

Table of contents
  • How do I know if my phone is qi compatible? Know everything !
  • What is a qi charger?
  • What is qi technology?
  • Why use a qi charger with your phone?
    • Advantages QI charger
    • Disadvantages QI charger
  • How do I activate wireless charging?
  • What practical use for the induction charger?

What is a qi charger?

The qi charger is a wireless accessory that allows you to perform induction charging. It usually comes in the form of a phone holder. The word qi designates the formula developed by to normalize the transmission of energy without wires. During charging, the phone battery is powered through a receiver connected to a charging transmitter. Without a cable, it is therefore possible to charge your phone without difficulty. The wireless charger is suitable for public places, offices and homes.

What is qi technology?

Qi technology was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The purpose of this technique is to be able to charge all devices. Qi technology works by means of magnetic energy. The operation of the technology is based on two elements. It is a charging base and a mini-receiver. These two elements are generally placed on the back of the smartphone. A magnetic field is created between the inductive charger and the qi-enabled device.

The magnetic energy created at this level is transformed into electrical energy using a coil. It is this energy that will recharge the battery of the phone. Also, note that not all cell phones are compatible with a qi charger. Beforehand, the phone must be integrated with qi technology. Brands such as Samsung offer Samsung wireless chargers suitable for their phones. Majority of recent phone chargers are equipped with qi functionality.

Why use a qi charger with your phone?

The use of an induction charger has many advantages in everyday life. However, it is also important to point out some shortcomings.

Advantages QI charger

The convenience of using the wireless charger is an important point. Technology makes life easier because you’ll just need to put your phone down to charge it. With each recharge, there is no need to search for a cable or a plug.

In other words, you are able to charge your phone wherever and whenever you want. Repeat purchases of cables when worn out are also reduced. You can save some money this way.

In addition, with a single induction charger it is possible to charge devices of different brands. Many devices can also be charged at once. This advantage is suitable for large families or groups of friends.

The induction charger has an elegant design. This allows it to be easily integrated into any type of decoration. Safety is also guaranteed with qi chargers. They are designed with surge protection and fire hazard protection functions.

With about twenty minutes, the phone battery can be full. Indeed, recharging with a qi charger is quite fast. Also, charging can be done at a distance of about 40 mm. Inductive charging allows users to enjoy a convenient and stylish experience.

Disadvantages QI charger

The cost of qi chargers is one of the first things to consider. Generally, qi chargers cost more than wired chargers. Some inductive chargers may have slow charging.

Heat sensitivity is a factor that can cause slow charging. In cases where the wireless charger overheats, you may experience an interrupted charge. To benefit from optimal charging, it is essential that the phone is positioned in the right direction. In addition, qi technology is not compatible with all phones.

How do I activate wireless charging?

To activate wireless charging, you must first check whether the phone is qi compatible. For the next step, you need to place the qi charger on a flat surface. Then, the induction charger must be connected to a power source such as a socket for example.

Now you need to position the phone on the charger. To ensure that the phone is placed correctly, you can check that the qi logo of the phone is aligned with that of the charger. When charging is in progress, some devices emit a sound or vibration.

Depending on your induction charger, the device may stop charging when the battery is full. There are chargers that continue to charge the battery although it is charged. In other cases, it is up to the user to remove the phone from the induction mount.

What practical use for the induction charger?

The induction charger is suitable for multiple uses. It can be used in the office, at home, in the car or in public places. In the car, you can put it for example in your glove box.

At home, all you have to do is connect the charger to an electrical outlet to charge your device. Public areas such as airports and train stations are suitable for the use of induction chargers. Similarly, some restaurants offer charging points to customers.

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