Home Organization Tips for a More Gratifying Living Space

You can decorate your home all you want, but if your cupboards are disorganized and your kitchen is a mess and there are clothes all over your bedroom floor, it’s never going to look like the houses on HGTV. Organizing things is key if you want to make your home look inviting and clean.

Keep reading to see how some average people are upping the organization ante. You can even incorporate some of these hacks into your everyday life.

A Color-Coded Bookshelf

color coded bookshelf

Photo Credit: SlingKitty / Reddit

There are many different ways to organize the bookshelves around your home. This person decided to organize her shelves by color and we have to say that this whole arrangement looks super intentional.


A Mess Of Cords

oganized cables

Photo Credit: VIPDX / Reddit

Nothing makes a room look messy faster than a tangled web of cords and charging cables lying on the floor. This person tucked all of that mess away in a neat and tidy box.


How To Remove Jar Labels

two jars without labels

Photo Credit: WishIWasThatClever / Reddit

Glass jars are super handy for organizing things like staples, spices, sewing equipment, and other odds and ends. You can upcycle all kinds of jars, but you’re going to want to get rid of those unsightly labels first. Acetone nail polish remover or Goo Gone will do the trick.


A DIY Flatware Tray

custom flatware organizer

Photo Credit: TheWhiteYeti33 / Reddit

This person was getting frustrated with the flatware tray he had in his drawer. The forks kept sliding all over the place and it didn’t look very tidy. He decided to build his own, minimal flatware organization system out of some notched wood.


Hang It All On The Wall

brooms hanging in closet

Photo Credit: WarningGipsyDanger / Reddit

You already know how annoying it can be to walk into a storage closet and see brooms and mops falling over or strewn around haphazardly. Try putting some hooks inside your closet and hanging up your brooms and mops instead.


Under The Desk

wires under desk

Photo Credit: uustin19833 / Reddit

This person installed some wooden beams under their desk so that they could wrap loose cords around them. This whole system is tucked away, so nobody can see all of your unsightly cords.


Containers Do The Most

containers under sink

Photo Credit: tylerthepup / Reddit

Things can get disorganized under your bathroom sink pretty quickly if you don’t have an efficient organization system. This person found that labeled plastic containers worked really well.


Put It In A Basket

closet before and after organization

Photo Credit: Reddit

This linen closet was a real mess before this person decided to introduce baskets into the equation. They also decided to fold all of their towels and linens the Marie Kondo way.


A Tea Drawer

tea drawer

Photo Credit: OutlandishMama / Reddit

This person used cardboard dividers covered in aesthetically pleasing washi tape to divide their tea drawer into sections. It looks like this person has a real tea obsession. Hey, we’re not judging.


Keep It Clean And White

organized gym all white

Photo Credit: peterreis / Reddit

Nothing screams clean and organized like an all-white container situation. This home gym looks like the perfect place to unwind because it’s so clean and white. We love this storage solution.


An Alternative To Plastic Containers

bathroom organization

Photo Credit: Reddit

Those plastic containers under the bathroom sink are great for items that you don’t use every day, but sometimes you want your hairspray and face masks to be a bit more accessible. That’s what these lidless acrylic containers are for.


The Perfect Spice Drawer

spice drawer

Photo Credit: PictureFrames12 / Reddit

We’ve seen some organized spice drawers in our day, but this one might just take the cake. There’s a spot for everything, and all of the jars are labeled and color-coded.


Use S Hooks To Hang Your Masks

mask hanging system

Photo Credit: GenuineDogKnife / Reddit

A new organization problem we have in 2020 is how do you keep your house from being covered in loose masks? Try installing some S hooks in your closet and hanging your masks on those.


A DIY Drawer Organizer

drawer storage insert

Photo Credit: orange22orange / Reddit

You don’t have to spend the big bucks to get fancy organization solutions. This drawer organizer is made out of recycled cardboard covered in scrap fabric. We think it looks amazing.


So Many Cans

cans in cupboard

Photo Credit: GeorgiaGrind / Reddit

This person figured out that you can use soda dispenser racks to keep your canned goods neat and organized. Why didn’t we think of this hack sooner? It’s kind of brilliant.


Another Can Solution

can organization system

Photo Credit: justinannett / Reddit

This can organization system is a bit more involved. It takes a bit more work to put together, but it’s worth it if you like to stock up on cans.


Peg Boards Are Magical

peg board organized

Photo Credit: Lady_Larkin / Reddit

Pegboards are somehow both super practical and super aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure you aren’t throwing things onto the pegboard haphazardly. There has to be a system in place.


Photo Albums Are Great For Storing Seeds

laminated papers

Photo Credit: lamoureuse / Reddit

You can store seed packs in photo albums. Then you’ll always know where your seeds are when you need them, and you won’t lose any packets in cracks between cupboards or drawers.


Under The Bed Storage

organization under bed

Photo Credit: rotatingchicken / Reddit

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your home, you should really be utilizing the storage space under your bed. You can put your winter clothes there in the summer and your summer clothes there in the winter.


Time To Get Baking

organized cake decorating equipment

Photo Credit: DbzRoshi / Reddit

This home baker has found a way to organize all of her piping nozzles and baking equipment, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. This makes me want to bake a whole tray of cupcakes.


Closets Can Go Anywhere

closet full of clothes organized

Photo Credit: kittykating / Reddit

This guy didn’t have an actual closet in his apartment bedroom, so he decided to make one. He just installed a bunch of shelves on his wall, got a shoe rack and a clothing rack, and got a little velvet stool.


A Magnetic Spice Rack

magnetized spices

Photo Credit: eliza_doonothing / Reddit

If you don’t have a lot of cupboard or drawer space in your kitchen, just stick magnets onto the bottoms of your spice jars and stick them on the fridge (or a metal panel stuck to the inside of your cupboard drawer).


The Most Organized Garage

organized garage

Photo Credit: Dignan17 / Reddit

Reddit user Dignan17 posted this photo online along with the caption, “Practicing an organization method I call ‘many small boxes.'” Honestly, we don’t know if we’ve ever seen a garage that was quite this organized before.


Fabric Boxes Are Amazing

linen closet organized

Photo Credit: emkay95 / Reddit

These fabric boxes are aesthetically pleasing and they’re great for organizing just about anything. Look how much nicer this linen closet looks now. These boxes aren’t that expensive, but they make a big difference.


This Sewing Room Is Everything

organized sewing room full of yarn

Photo Credit: eehtofu / Reddit

Not only is this sewing room expertly organized, but it also looks like a work of art. The way all of those balls of yarn are organized on the wall is sheer perfection.


A Smart Solution

organized baking drawer

Photo Credit: cellojane / Reddit

These silicone baking mats are super useful to have around, but they can be really annoying to store. This Redditor used shower rings to keep them neatly rolled and tucked away.


A Nostalgia Trip

medicine cabinet decorated with photos

Photo Credit: ashleblake / Reddit

An organized cupboard doesn’t have to be a boring cupboard. This bathroom cabinet is super neat and tidy, but it also has a lot of personal, nostalgic elements. it’s very early ’90s.


A Gorgeous Pantry

organized pantry

Photo Credit: cardguy1000 / Reddit

We organization nerds dream of a perfectly labeled clear container situation like this one. All of the dry goods are where they should be, there’s no unsightly packaging in sift, and look at all of that counter space!


Pots And Pans

organized pots and pans

Photo Credit: bilj122 / Reddit

Pots and pans are some of the most difficult things to store in an aesthetically pleasing way. They’re just so big and bulky. This person used baskets and a drying rack to solve that problem.


Create Multiple Levels

cabinet under sink organized

Photo Credit: blindingsilence / Reddit

If you have shelves like these in your kitchen, add another shelf on top of your shelf so you can store even more things. This person also used a wine bottle holder to organize her drinking cups and water bottles.

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