Hilary Duff the Highest-Paid Actress in the World in 2023

The year 2022 was not easy for the actress Hilary Duff, but the millions of euros earned will be a sweet consolation. Hilary Duff , 35, would easily dominate the ranking of the “highest paid actresses in 2023” with earnings estimated at nearly 58 million euros.

Hilary Duff’s comeback

In 2020 the actress’ career seemed to be at a standstill. The return to the summit is all the more spectacular.

According to the American business magazine People With Money and its long-awaited list of the “highest paid actresses in the world” published on Wednesday (January 25), Duff would have amassed between the months of December 2021 and December 2022 the prodigious sum of 58 million euros. , ringing and stumbling.

An increase of almost 30 million compared to the previous year, enough to cheer him up.

How much is Hilary Duff worth?

To establish its ranking, People With Money magazine takes into account direct earnings but also income from advertising partnerships, royalties and any other investment.

According to calculations, the actress-entrepreneur would weigh nearly 185 million euros. In addition to her professional earnings, she owes her immense fortune to judicious stock market investments, a substantial real estate portfolio and the very lucrative advertising contract with CoverGirl cosmetics . She would also own several restaurants in Washington (including the chain ”  Chez la grosse Hilary  “), a football club in Houston, and would also be involved in teenage fashion with a clothing line ”  Duff Séduction  ” as well as a perfume ”  L ‘water of Hilary  ‘, so many financial successes.

This first place was eagerly awaited by fans of Hilary Duff who no longer dared to hope for this triumphant return to the front of the stage.

“The Hilary Duff affair”: this controversy that ignites the United States

New revelations in the Duff case . While since January 2023 each twist has made the front page of American newspapers, it is now the international press that is seizing the controversy triggered by Hilary Duff . Back to a planetary scandal.

Hilary Duff: How did we get here?

From the first rumors, followed by the first denials, scoops, testimonies, threats of defamation lawsuits, each passing day brings its share of revelations about the scandal surrounding the 35-year-old American actress, who should now be discussed. call the Duff case .

The controversy unleashes, divides, tears. Intellectuals, politicians and celebrities of all stripes go there to comment on this affair which has become an almost unavoidable subject in the United States, where now two fronts oppose each other, the pro-Hilary and the anti-Hilary .

What is the Duff case the name of?

Wednesday (January 25) was a particularly busy day after remarks allegedly made by the Head of State were leaked to the press: “I do not share the controversy and I regret it,” he said on the sidelines of a displacement, “but beyond that, let’s bring things back to what they are”.

Strong words that alone sum up the electric atmosphere in which the country finds itself and the major role played by the press and public opinion. At the very moment when demonstrators hostile to the controversial actress face her supporters, in the presence of a very large police force, some do not hesitate to demand purely and simply the banning of Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff: Should we talk about it? How to talk about it?

In the meantime, the media around the world have turned into a giant battlefield where the Duffards (the actress’s supporters, editor’s note) are accused by the Anti-Duffards (their fiercest opponents, editor’s note) of favoring a duffification of minds , not without recalling the darkest hours of our history.

Case to follow!

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