Here’s why hotel beds have so many pillows

You have surely already noticed that when you arrive in a hotel, the bed has more than the necessary number of pillows. But why ?

The answer by Flair magazine

Why so many pillows on hotel beds

It was Flair magazine that answered this question that we have certainly all asked ourselves. When you book a hotel room, it’s usually to escape everyday life, for a romantic weekend or even a vacation. The bedroom then represents a comfortable place to escape, which the managers have understood.

Why so many pillows on hotel beds?

Why so many pillows on hotel beds

This obviously has a relationship with sleep: just looking at this pile of soft cushions, you can already imagine yourself in the arms of Morpheus. It is indeed associated with a comfortable environment and quality sleep.

Besides that, it can also be associated with sexuality. For what ? When you book a hotel room, you can associate it with the somersaults you could do there. Especially since it breaks the couple’s routine by bringing something new to it. Not to mention that the worries of everyday life are less present in these moments since they invite disconnection.

Hotel managers then take advantage of these mental patterns that we have and do everything to create an environment that invites comfort, relaxation… In short, that makes you want to!

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