Here are the 3 best days to wash your hair and cut with endless split ends

If for you too, it’s a Chinese headache to match your hair washing schedule with your social life, here is something that should help you.

Your hair is oily today, but you have an event in two days where it needs to be perfect and you won’t have time to wash it that day. You therefore hesitate to wash them today because the next day they will not be dirty enough to wash them again. Does this situation sound familiar?

It’s a professional hairdresser who shares his hair tips with us via his Youtube channel: The Salon Guy reveals the perfect frequency according to him to have perfect hair. However, he specifies that it depends on the environment in which we live (and therefore, pollution), our way of life and the nature of our hair.

What are the best days of the week to wash your hair?

wash your hair

According to the subject matter expert, it would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your hair will then be fresh and clean almost every day of the week.

Obviously, this is not an absolute rule because depending on your needs, you may need more or less shampoos. It also depends on your schedule. But it is still a good general indication.

But Do you have dry hair and endless split ends? It may be because of one of these 5 common mistakes. 

To have shiny and healthy hair , it is necessary to take good care of it. To do this, you must start by using the products that correspond to your hair type. But there are also some mistakes not to make.

The 5 mistakes to avoid that damage your hair

wash your hair
  1. washing your hair too often

Ideally, you should only wash your hair once or twice a week. For what ? The scalp produces natural oils that take care of the lengths and when we wash our hair, we remove these oils.

  1. Use heated appliances often

Devices such as straighteners or curling irons are harmful to the hair because they remove their moisture and make them dry. Hair cuticles are also damaged making the hair dull and fragile.

  1. Color/bleach your hair

Coloring and bleaching damage the hair because during these, the hair cuticles are opened to allow the product to penetrate. Over time, the cuticles may close less well and thus make the hair fragile, brittle and dull.

  1. Tying up your hair too often

Tying your hair in a ponytail or a bun ruins it. The tighter the elastic, the more fragile the hair becomes. Therefore prefer a clip to attach them.

  1. Not cutting your hair regularly

It is recommended to cut your ends every two to three months to keep your hair in perfect health. The longer you wait to cut it, the more split ends your hair will have.

Bonus : 3 tips to prevent electric hair

wash your hair
Blonde woman with her damaged dry hair.

1. Moisturize your hair well

Static electricity can also be caused by a lack of moisture in the hair. Moisturize your hair well with a serum or hair oil.

2. Choose the right brush

Avoid plastic hairbrushes, they are very poor conductors and all the electrical voltage is in your hair. Choose brushes with metal rods or natural bristles.

3. Avoid drying products

Alcohol-based products like hairspray or some shampoos will dry out your hair and make it more susceptible to static electricity. 

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