Calzedonia Legwear: Glam, and streetwear coexist in new collection!

Calzedonia Legwear, the star of the runways, continues to be a must-have accessory for every woman.

Calzedonia’s dynamic legwear, youthful, street-style style reflects the latest trends in the fashion world while embracing new age threads, textures and stone-washed effects.

In addition to the classic floral and geometric prints as well as the timeless polka dots, this season’s tights feature new patterns inspired by street style: Maxi stripes, large polka dots, letters, animal prints, fantasy and tattoo-effect designs.

Calzedonia Legwear

Longuette-effect tights, perfect to wear with shorts and socks for a game of transparency, are the must-have accessory for next spring’s outfits.

The fitness line is here with new designs and threads in leggings and socks/tights.
The shorts make their debut, worn over leggings and impress with the new prints, while the collection of socks designed specifically for sports such as pilates, yoga and running offers many options.

Calzedonia Legwear

Thanks to their innovative treatments and washes, denim leggings are back in the limelight and stand out for their super stretchy soft materials as well as their variety. 

A new shape has been added: the girlfriend cut, with a slightly straighter fit than the boyfriend version.

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Calzedonia Legwear

Jeans become cult, iconic and essential, in skinny, high-waisted, push-up or girlfriend styles, with rhinestones and pearl appliqués.

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