Create a YouTube channel and earn money with

Creating a YouTube channel and earning money is a dream for many teenagers and adults, It is true that this type of activity has advantages

  • it is possible to work from home,
  • it is possible to indulge in one’s passion (games, culture, cooking, fashion, health, automobile, IT, humor, politics, etc.),
  • the initial financial investment is low.

Yet the job of youtuber is very demanding. You should never be discouraged. You will have to be regular. You have to aim for the long term. If you need income right away, then forget about making money from YouTube.Here’s everything you need to know to create a YouTube channel and earn money.Create a YouTube channel and make a living from it: the necessary qualities.Creating a YouTube channel can be a profitable business, but there is a significant time lag between the time of effort and the time of financial gains. Therefore you will have to show a lot of patience and perseverance.Many professional youtubers give up, for lack of time, money or discouragement. This will make more room for you. Tell yourself that only those who continue succeed!

The first substantial income can be drawn after 6 months to 1 year of work if all goes well. Over the weeks and months, the quality of your videos will improve and you will gain experience about what pleases the audience and what does not. Time is on your side!Other qualities needed to successfully make a living on YouTube include:

Create a YouTube channel and earn money with

  • enjoy making videos and directing: you must have a creative side,be passionate and feel concerned by his subject,know how to put yourself in the place of others: you will have to constantly seek to understand what people like and are looking for,be generous: at first, you will indeed give a lot without necessarily having any return,be regular in your work. Initially, focus on quality and consistency rather than quantity.It’s better to make one great video once a week than three poor quality videos a week.
  • Understand YouTube and how it works.

    YouTube is a video uploading platform, accessible to everyone. YouTube is a start-up founded in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006.Today, 2.5 billion Internet users visit YouTube every month.

    They spend on average 1 day per year on the platform, which makes YouTube a more than gigantic potential market, in which it is possible to succeed or drown…

    More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to the YouTube platform. The platform is still experiencing exponential growth.How does YouTube rank videos?

    The YouTube SEO system.If you want to make money with YouTube, it’s simple: your videos must appear at the top of the list for the relevant keyword.

    The YouTube video ranking system is very inspired by the Google system (let’s not forget that YouTube belongs to Google); it is based on an internal search engine itself based on two fundamental elements:

  • KEYWORDS: you must use relevant keywords, that is to say requested by Internet users, if possible in progress, and consistent with the content of your videos. You will need to insert your keywords in the title of your videos, in the name of your playlists, in the subtitles, in the descriptions and in the tags*, but also in your audio content as many times as possible, without you might as well unbalance your texts or make them difficult to read (because YouTube doesn’t like people to cheat). Do not hesitate to consult the best keyword trends available in the YouTube search engine suggestions, in the Trends tab, or on the Google Trends or Google Adwords site .
  • THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT: As we have seen, YouTube ranks videos based on keywords. But it then changes this ranking according to the quality of the content, in order to present the most satisfactory videos at the top of the list. YouTube has automatic and effective ways to judge the quality of a video:the number of interactions: comments (and keywords in comments), “like”, share, add to favorite,the percentage of video duration consumed by visitors: this is the retention rate,the number of views per day,the evolution of attendance,the number of incoming links (sites or social networks that publish the link to your video),the importance and notoriety of your YouTube channel: number of videos published, age, number of fans, regularity of your content, etc.
  • It will therefore be necessary to produce videos long enough so that Internet users have time to interact (comment, like), and short enough so that the retention rate remains correct.* tags are expressions related to the theme of your video. It is important that you use a large number of tags to increase the chances of “falling” on your content. For example, if you publish a video called Learning English for children, course n°1 , you can add the following tags: English course for children, Primary English course, CP English course, Initiation to English Primary English, Introduction to Primary School English , and many more.How does YouTube make money?YouTube is remunerated by advertising displayed on its site:

  • ads positioned before, during or after the videos (can be disabled or not),superimposed
  • ads: banners appearing at the bottom of the videos
  • ads located on the right side of the screen,business cards located on the right side of the videos.
  • Concerning the videos published by its partners (YouTubers recognized as such by the platform), YouTube pays them a percentage of the revenue generated by the advertisements.Becoming a professional YouTuber: the steps.

    Here are the main steps to create a YouTube channel and earn money.

    Every step is important. If you want to succeed, take each step seriously and spend time on it. Nothing should be left to chance.

    1st step: Equip yourself and train yourself.This is the priority. To become a YouTube professional, you must have suitable equipment to make quality videos and edits.

    Don’t think that you will be able to make a living from videos taken with a cell phone or a simple tablet, unless you have a particularly powerful model.Here are the recommended materials for creating YouTube videos worthy of the name:

  • a professional microphone (around €150),a camera: opt for a camcorder, or ideally a reflex camera capable of making videos,a tripod,a filming space (studio) and suitable decor (standing lamp, umbrella lamp, green screen, etc.),video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere) installed on a suitable computer.
  • You will also need training on how to film and edit videos.

    Many free trainings exist.On the other hand, you will also need to train yourself in YouTube SEO . Here again there are numerous training courses, some of which are accessible online and are free. You can also train yourself by purchasing books or specialized guides.Also train in business creation: see our online training offer here.2nd step: Choose the theme of your videos.This is an essential point, which will determine your ability to earn money with YouTube. The theme of your channel must be chosen with great care:

  • first, know that you must own all the rights to your videos: in short, you can only show what you own or create yourself. It is not allowed to make videos of an electronic game, software, or beautiful cars belonging to other people.
  • your theme should not be too general : rather specialize in a niche to be sure to break through. Example of themes that are too broad and too competitive: the new iPhone, MineCraft, etc.
  • your theme must be trendy and fashionable. you must choose a theme that speaks to you, that you master well, that excites you.
  • Create a true identity that won’t be found anywhere else.the most promising themes are fun, surprising, impressive, loyalty-building themes.ask yourself the question of the language to use: the potential is much greater in English than in French…
  • Some examples of supporting themes

    online training (courses, technical learning, languages, etc.), tutorials, personal performances (sport, humor, editorials, music, body art), surprising experiences, animals with specific characteristics, fashion, product testing…

    3rd step: Produce a first test video.Produce a first video and test it with those around you. Take a step back from your achievement. Try again, then another.

    4th step: Plan your production and develop your scenarios.Plan your video series. For each, define a scenario, a work plan or a story board.Get ahead by producing 4 or 5 videos that you will broadcast closely (two the first day then one per day for example). The following videos may be produced and broadcast on a regular basis, for example once a week.Step

    5: Relay your videos.Relay your videos as much as possible on social networks, through your personal accounts. Invite your friends to subscribe to your channel. Inform those around you. Try to generate as many back-links as possible (links to your channel).

    6th step: Produce, analyze, redirect.Persevere in producing content. Listen to comments and attendance statistics. Reorient your positioning in terms of content: specialize in the topics that attract the most visitors.Do not be discouraged.

    The more content you post, the more your traffic will increase.Start monetization as soon as your channel exceeds 10,000 total views.Make money with YouTube: the monetization stage.Create a YouTube channel and earn money: here we are! Your channel is ready to generate income because its attendance is sufficient.Enable YouTube monetization.

    To enable monetization of your videos, follow the instructions provided by Google Support .Note that your channel must reach 10,000 views in public mode to be reviewed by YouTube and thus join the “Partner Program”.

    You will need to sign a charter, create a Google AdSense account to collect your revenue (see below), choose your monetization preferences (ad placement), and wait for acceptance from YouTube.See also the YouTube FAQ regarding monetization.

    Attention ! Do not click on your own ads because YouTube may immediately end your partnership!Get money from your YouTube channel.To be able to collect the money generated by your YouTube channel, you will need to link it with a Google AdSense account (Google advertising partnership system), itself linked with a bank or PayPal account. You will also have to create a business, it is obligatory even if your income is low (see below).How many views to make money on YouTube?How much is the remuneration on YouTube? The calculation depends on many parameters (duration, theme, content of the video, etc.). On average, the remuneration is estimated at around €0.80 for 1000 views (or even less) , that is to say €800 for 1 million views. In reality, your remuneration may vary between €200 and €3000 per million views.Other solutions to monetize your YouTube channel.The YouTube advertising system (Google AdSense) is not the only way to make money with YouTube. Alternatives exist:

  • redirection of visitor flows to paid solutions (online store),the call for donations,paid content,product placement: you show commercial products in your videos and receive remuneration for this (contract to be established with partner companies),the production and sale of videos on behalf of corporate clients,etc.
  • Create a YouTube channel and earn money:

    what legal status?Creating a YouTube channel and earning money involves creating a business and therefore choosing a legal status. The activity declaration must be made as soon as your first income appears. The activity being of a commercial nature, the activity declaration can be made to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or directly on the internet if you create a micro-enterprise (e.g. self-enterprise).You will also need to open a dedicated bank account that will receive your PayPal payments.The possible legal statuses are:

  • micro-enterprise (ex-self-employed): this is a status that is very suitable at the start. It is possible to choose the activity “production and realization of video clips”. See our article on micro-enterprise .the sole proprietorship: this is an appropriate status but more costly than the micro-enterprise. The methods for calculating and paying social security contributions and income tax are unfavourable.the EURL (SARL with single partner): it is a one-man company type which allows to see far and which is well adapted if the activity develops. The manager is a self-employed self-employed person: his social security contributions are calculated on the basis of the remuneration he pays himself.the SASU : it is also a type of single-member company, but in which the manager is assimilated as an employee. This is the status best suited for this type of activity.
  • The essential financial plan.Have you decided to create a YouTube channel and earn money? Start by listing your start-up needs (equipment, studio, supplies, hardware, etc.) and develop a financial plan. This will allow you to measure your profitability and seek possible funding.

    General guide on how to use to download videos without watermark

  • Visit Open your web browser and go to
  • Explore Supported Platforms: Navigate the site to see which social media platforms are supported. Vidsnipe may support a range of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • Find the Video: Once you’re on the social media platform, find the video you want to download.Copy Video URL: Copy the URL of the video you want to download from the address bar of your web browser.
  • Paste URL on Go back to and paste the copied URL into the designated field provided.
  • Download the Video: After pasting the URL, look for a “Download” or similar button. Click on it to initiate the video download process.
  • Depending on the platform and the video, you may have different quality options to choose from.
  • Save the Video: Select a location on your computer where you want to save the downloaded video.
  • Check for Watermarks: Confirm that the downloaded video does not have any watermarks.
  • If it does, you might need to explore other options or tools.Prepare for YouTube Upload: Before uploading to YouTube, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use and share the video.
  • This typically involves obtaining consent from the original content creator.Log in to YouTube: Go to YouTube and log in to your account.
  • Upload Video: Click on the “Create” button (usually a camera icon) at the top right corner of the YouTube homepage, then select “Upload Video”.
  • Follow the prompts to select the video from your computer and fill in the required details like title, description, tags, etc.
  • Set Privacy Settings: Choose your desired privacy settings for the video (public, private, unlisted, etc.).
  • Confirm and Publish: Review all the information and settings, then click “Publish” to make the video live on your YouTube channel.Remember to always respect copyright laws and the terms of service of the platforms you’re using. Unauthorized downloading and re-uploading of videos can lead to copyright infringement issues.
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