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Cereal bars: what should you pay attention to before buying them?

Cereal bars are generally chosen for their convenience by those who have little time for breakfast or a snack, or by those who mistakenly believe that they are a powerhouse of health and well-being with a caloric intake. reduced.

However, what do we really know about their preparation process and their ingredients? Can we be sure that they are actually made with the right healthy and nutritious ingredients?

Today, we reveal some points to check before buying them.

Cereal bars: what to watch out for?

cereal bars

Cereal bars are usually chosen for their convenience. However, what do we really know about their preparation process and their ingredients? Can we be sure that they are actually prepared with healthy and nutritious ingredients in the right way?

Cereal bars : A possible trap in the diet

cereal bars

Not all granola bars are created equal, so be careful and read labels carefully. They are often a diet trap because they can contain unhealthy fats and excessive amounts of sugar. Today, we reveal some things to watch out for before buying them.

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Crereal bars : List of ingredients

cereal bars

Check the ingredients used in the preparation of the bars. Look for products with natural and healthy ingredients, such as whole grains, nuts, seeds and honey. Try to avoid those that contain artificial ingredients, refined sugars or chemical additives.

Cereal bars : sugar content

cereal bars and sugar content

Check the amount of sugar in the bars. Look for those that are relatively low in sugar or that are mostly from natural sources such as dried fruit or honey.

Cereal bars : How many calories?

A diet bar, to be considered as such, must in any case not exceed 250-300 Kcal per 100 grams. 

Cereal bars : vegetable fats

cereal bars

Fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable fats are often found among the ingredients of bars. This was previously hidden behind the simple mention “margarine” or “vegetable fats”, but since 13/12/2014, it is mandatory to specify the use of hydrogenated oils if they are actually used. 

Cereal bars : An ideal combination

cereal bars and fruits

The ideal combination consists of a few high quality ingredients that give our bars authenticity and flavor. 

To guarantee their nutritional quality, it is important that they are composed of carefully selected and balanced natural ingredients. 

If you want to enjoy these products without sacrificing their qualities, you must make a conscious choice and pay attention to their composition.

The best optionTo be sure to have the healthiest and tastiest bar possible, it is best to prepare it yourself at home!

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