Buying guide: White sneakers are the right shoe for every season & we’ve got the 10 best

The best White sneakers designs you will find on the market now and should be at the top of your wish list.

Sneakers have become synonymous with our everyday style. We will always be grateful to the “street” style, which managed to enter the trends of all the luxurious brands of the planet and made them the ultimate expression of coolness. 

Apart from the comfort and practicality of the sneakers, this pair of shoes has other positive features. One of them is the ease with which we can combine them with our outfits, if of course we choose the right color. 

Because colorful, fun designs are nice, but nothing like our white sneakers!


White is one of the easiest colors in our wardrobe Especially when we are talking about a pair of everyday shoes. In general, we love white in recent years, because it can and does adapt to many different styles. From minimal or sophisticated looks, to our Y2K ensembles and clean sports outfits. Personally, I think the white gives the sneakers a retro character, which makes them even cooler. With a pair of tall white socks they go perfectly with our mini skirts and dresses, now that the weather has cleared and we don’t always have to wear tights.

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And this year, in the spring/summer of 2023, you will find in stores the all time classic, leather sneakers in the well-known tennis style. 

We love the additions of color, like flashes of neon yellow, fuchsia and green or some different laces. 

Logos are also a big trend in shoes, which are perfectly imprinted on our white trainers. The so-called bipatas, i.e. the platform sneakers, keep the 90s trend alive, and if you ask me, I also consider them super comfortable.

Running sneakers, I think are the most updated option, this design that Scandi girls love and is definitely among the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn. Below you will find our favorite options.

Editor’s picks:

Calvin Klein

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Steve Madden
Versace Couture Jeans

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