An agreement reached in the Marilyn Manson-Esme Bianco affair

The ongoing lawsuits against Marilyn Manson, for almost two years now, are becoming more scattered. In May 2021, the lawsuit brought by  Ashley Walters, Marilyn Manson’s former assistant, was dismissed.  Then, another accusation was dismissed for lack of reaction from Ashley Morgan Smithline, who seems to have dropped the case against the singer. On the other hand, the actress of Game of Thrones, Esme Bianco, she did not let go of the case, even affirming that  Marilyn Manson would have sabotaged a case  on which she was working to avenge the accusations of sexual assault which she brings against him.

Manson-Bianco AFFAIR

However, we now learn that the “Manson-Bianco” affair has come to an end, the two parties having reached an agreement.

Esme Bianco, who starred as Ros in the Games Of Thrones series , went public with her accusations against Marilyn Manson in February 2021, saying the singer’s alleged abuse (which occurred between 2009 and 2011) caused him “[to ] to feel like a prisoner”. A few months later, the actress formally filed a lawsuit against Manson — real name Brian Warner — and his company, Marilyn Manson Records, Inc. The lawsuit alleged sexual assault, physical abuse and drug trafficking. Human being.

That lawsuit has since been dropped, with both parties reaching an out-of-court settlement. The exact terms of the agreement are unknown, but in a statement to the NME , Bianco’s attorney, Jay Ellwanger, confirmed that she has “agreed to resolve this matter against Brian Warner and Marilyn Manson Records, Inc. in order to ‘move forward in life and career’.

Brian Warner’s attorney, Howard King, echoed the lawsuit settlement in a separate statement to the NME. The original 2021 lawsuit alleged that Manson violated California laws about sexual assault and battery, as well as human trafficking. Bianco explained that, since her visa was granted on the condition that she appear in Manson’s film projects, he “was able to control her” “by threatening to withdraw his support if he displeased her”.

In previous interviews, Esme Bianco explained that she had gone without sleep or food while filming the video for Manson’s song “I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies”. She also claimed that Manson gave her cocaine, tied her up with cables, and bit her without her consent during sex. “I was coming and going at his pleasure,” Bianco told The Cut in February 2021. “The people I was talking to were completely controlled by him.”

Earlier this month, Bianco claimed that following his public accusations against him , Manson deliberately sabotaged his potential business opportunities. According to her, Marilyn Manson had contacted a member of Deftones to “confront” him with the group’s decision to use a photo of Bianco in the artwork for their upcoming tour. This allegation resulted in an amended complaint with a new charge of tortious interference.

Marilyn Manson allegedly tries to ‘sabotage’ the career of one of the complainants for sexual assault

Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco claims Marilyn Manson sabotaged a case she was working on to get revenge for her sexual assault charges against him.

It is via the Insider magazine   that we learn the information. The actress, who plays the role of Ros in the famous HBO series, had filed a complaint against Marilyn Manson in 2021. The latter then decided to counter these accusations by in turn suing him for defamation.

Esme Bianco today adds information to her previous accusations, including claiming that she signed a contract with the group Deftones in April 2022 for a photo shoot which should have been used during their next tour. According to him, Marilyn Manson would have been informed of this affair and would have “called the singer of the group to confront him on his decision to work with her”.

According to Bianco, Manson allegedly “threatened the band with actions that would have disrupted the course of the world tour, and also caused them other financial problems”. In response, the complainant claims that Deftones instructed its creative director not to use photos of Esme Bianco.

The official document in which these statements can be read continues: “Bianco suffered from a lack of exposure of images of her during the Deftones world tour, which caused damage to her reputation and a loss possible future income with Deftones.”

Manson works to silence Ms Bianco via threats and intimidation.

The singer’s lawyers have yet to respond to these latest charges.

In 2021, Esme Bianco accused Marilyn Manson of illegal human trafficking, after having taken her from California to England under the pretext of making her turn in music videos and films. She claims she was deprived of food and sleep, locked in her room and knocked out with drugs and alcohol. She adds that she was whipped, given electric shocks and that he threatened to rape her while she slept.

Last week, we also learned that one of the lawsuits had been dismissed for lack of reaction from one of the complainants.  Ashley Morgan Smithline indeed seems to have dropped the charges against the singer. The lack of response from him automatically closed the court case on Tuesday, January 3.

In May 2021, the lawsuit brought by Ashley Walters, Marilyn Manson’s former assistant, was also canceled. The Superior Court of Los Angeles had then considered that there was too little tangible evidence.

Last November, Marilyn Manson said in new  legal  documents that he had received online death threats that made him ” anxious, distraught, depressed, worried, panicked and insomniac”. He was also worried that someone would hurt his second wife, Lindsay Usich.

Manson claimed that his music career is suffering from these accusations, that he cannot tour, that he cannot release his book, that his paintings have been “devalued” and that his art exhibitions have been “postponed”. indefinitely”.

Manson said this “false image as a rapist, abusive man, and child pornographer” also cost him two acting roles, the Starz series “American Gods” and the Paramount+ series “The Stand.”

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