8 cereal bars screened! what is the best one ?

Cereal bars are invading our closets and purses. But what are they really worth? Are they gimmicky products or real fitness and slimming allies?


cereal bars  _SpecialK bar

Special K chocolate, Kellogg’s
Fats: 2 g / bar
Sugars: 8 g / bar
Who do we recommend it to?
Ideal for fans of the 11-hour pleasure break or before a Pilates session.
Nutritional value: 89 calories per 21.5 g bar
Taste verdict: they melt in your mouth, the chocolate is tasty, but you’re still a little hungry.


cereal bars FITNESS Chocolate Cereal Bar


Fitness chocolate, Nestlé
Fats: 1.6 g/bar
Sugars: 7.3 g/bar
Who do we recommend it to?
The right cereal bar for athletes who want to melt away during the summer.
Nutritional value: 93 calories per 23.5g bar
Taste verdict: they’re crunchy, filling the stomach enough, but the taste isn’t out of the ordinary.


cereal bars Granny Apple


Grany apples, Lu
Fats: 2g/bar
Sugars: 5.4g/bar
Who do we recommend it to?
The followers of healthy snacks who do not run after slimming marketing. Consume for snack.
Nutritional value: 79 calories per 20.8 g bar
Taste verdict: a great classic. They are soft and tasty with a very strong apple taste.




The crunchy caramel, Kot
Fats: 2 g / bar
Sugars: 2.9 g / bar
Who do we recommend it to?
For women who want to tap into their fat while losing a few pounds.
Nutritional value: 99 calories per 30 g bar
Taste verdict: they seem small but have a great satiating power. Unfortunately the taste does not seem very natural.


Organic Monoprix


Chocolate apricot bars, Monoprix bio
Fats: 5.2 g / bar (be careful, 40 g bar)
Sugars: 13 g / bar
Who is it recommended for?
For those who prefer a natural diet and who need a substantial snack.
Nutritional value: 165 calories per 40 g bar
Taste verdict: they are sufficiently sweet and tasty, unfortunately a little dry.




Grapes and milk chocolate cereal bars, Carrefour
Fats: 2.5 g/bar
Sugars: 6 g/bar
Who do we recommend it for?
Perfect for a mini-hunger and an immediate boost.
Nutrition Facts: 97 calories per 25g bar
Taste Verdict: They don’t taste stand out. They may lack milk chocolate.




Bars with almonds, apricots and a layer of yoghurt, Eat natural
Fats: 12.4 g / bar (note 50 gram bar)
Sugars: 17.1 g / bar
Who is it recommended for?
For those who are very hungry, for the greediest and those who are about to leave for their daily jog.
Nutritional value: 228 calories per 50 g bar
Taste verdict: melting, soft and delicious. A real pleasure.


Nestlé Plus Chocolate Cereal Bar


Chocolate cereal bars, Nestlé Plus
Fats: 2.8 g/bar
Sugars: 4.9 g/bar
Who do we recommend it to?
With relatively low percentages of sugars and fats, this bar is for all those who measure the balance of their diet.
Nutritional value: 103 calories per 28 g bar
Taste verdict: an appreciable taste, they almost melt on the tongue.

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Cereal bars



The nutritionist’s opinion on cereal bars

If you are looking to make up for a lack, an incomplete meal, you need a long-term energy intake, and a cereal bar with a low glycemic index (s’ it is low, the energy supply will spread throughout the day).
If, on the contrary, we take a cereal bar just before an effort, a physical activity, (we therefore need short-term energy), we will prefer a bar richer in sugars.
The cereal bar is not an essential food, it is a little extra for small appetites. It is more of a spare wheel than a daily snack.

The composition

Go for cereal bars rich in vegetable fats, which are not harmful to health.
As much as the level of fats or sugars, what is important to look at on the label is the composition of whole grains, dried fruits and oilseeds. If your bar contains very little, it is not interesting.

The “lightness” of the bar

Beware of packaging that advertises “light” bars. It’s not enough to look at a bar’s calorie count, but also its fat/calorie index.
The bars that promote weight loss the most are high-protein bars because their fat content is low, which allows us to tap into our reserves.

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