4 best stylish ways to wear your denim shorts this summer

The item that cannot be missing from your holiday suitcase.

Heat remains unbearable and we are looking for the coolest stylish denim shorts, that will make our life easier.

You may have equated denim shorts with the beach in recent years , but the time has come to leave that opinion in the past. 

Denim shorts are making a strong comeback this year and can be worn at any time of the day and on many different occasions.

The only condition is that they are combined correctly. It is undoubtedly a timeless piece, which can be combined with most of the clothes in your wardrobe such as tops, shirts, bodysuits, etc. 

It is a holiday must-have since it can give you unique looks that you will wear from the morning on the beach until the evening when you enjoy your drink with friends.

How will you wear it?

  • 1) With a bodysuit (or one piece swimsuit) and platforms… for all day looks.
  • 2) With a shirt, belt and sandals… from the morning at the beach bar to the evening walk on the island.
  • 3) With a crop top and flip-flops…for morning appearances.
  • 4) With a tank top or top, thin jacket and sandals…for your evening outings.

In the following gallery, I have found and collected for you some of the most beautiful denim shorts on the market so that you can invest in your favorite.


FAQ – Denim Shorts for Summer 2023

Q1: Are denim shorts still in style for summer 2023?

A1: Absolutely! Denim shorts are a timeless summer staple that will never go out of style.

Q2: What are the trending denim short styles for this summer?

A2: High-waisted shorts, distressed or ripped designs, and oversized boyfriend shorts are popular choices for summer 2023.

Q3: What colors are popular for denim shorts this season?

A3: Classic blue denim remains a favorite, but light wash, white, and pastel shades are also trending for a fresh summer look.

Q4: How can I style denim shorts for different occasions?

A4: Pair them with a graphic tee and sneakers for a casual day out, or dress them up with a blouse and sandals for a more polished look. They’re versatile!

Q5: Are there any specific denim short lengths that are popular?

A5: Bermuda-length shorts, mid-thigh, and even shorter cutoffs are all trendy choices this summer. Choose what you feel most comfortable in!

Q6: Can I wear denim shorts for evening events?

A6: Yes, you can! Opt for a darker wash, dressier fabric, or embellished details to elevate your denim shorts for evening occasions.

Q7: How should I care for my denim shorts to make them last?

A7: Follow the care instructions on the label, wash them inside out to preserve the color, and avoid excessive heat in the dryer to prevent shrinking.

Q8: Can I wear denim shorts to the beach or pool?

A8: Absolutely! Denim shorts make a great cover-up option over your swimwear, providing both style and convenience.

Q9: Are there any specific accessories that pair well with denim shorts?

A9: Complete your look with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a trendy belt, and sandals or sneakers. Layering with lightweight scarves can also add a stylish touch.

Q10: Where can I find a good selection of denim shorts for summer 2023?

A10: Check out your favorite clothing stores, both online and in-person. They should have a variety of denim short options to choose from for the season.

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